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AR15 MPC / SRC Review

Windham is the original Bushmaster factory and most of the staff from back before Bushmaster got bought by Freedom. After a no compete agreement expired, the original owner re-opened the factory with much of the original staff and opened under the name Windham Weaponry. So yes, a new company, but not new to the AR platform.

I bought the SRC and the fit and finish is perfect. The chrome moly barrel is a nice standard feature found as an up-charge on many other names.

I've added the Magpul extended bolt release, rubber grip, and flip-up front and rear sights as wells as a Nikon P223 BDC scope and raised rings.

I've yet to have a FTF or FTE after several hunderd rounds.

If you're shopping for an AR and are worried that its a new company, don''s just a new name, and no, I don't work for or know anybody who does work for WW.