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TAVOR Review

The Tavor really is the next evolution of the bullpup. I've had the FS2000, the AUG, and put plenty of rounds through PS-90's. The Tavor is head and shoulders above those as a battle rifle.

The compact design of the bullpup along with IWI's improvements on past bullpup issues has lead to a great rifle with only minor shortcomings:

- The trigger. It's around 11lbs. but these days that feels like 50. Military Arms Channel posted a video showing how to remove an excess spring from the trigger that cuts about 4lbs from it. I haven't done that but I am looking forward to the new Geissele trigger just announced and

- Parts availability. It sucks. Its' really that simple.

- Customer service. Let me explain first that the few people I've heard about having real problems with their rifles have said the service was great. However when we called with some basic takedown, repair, and life expectancy questions the answers were not helpful in the least.

Those knocks take it from 5 stars to 4 but I still have the Tavor as my home defense rifle and that's the best compliment I can give a rifle.