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Millennium Pro 111 Review

I fired this gun during Sarahs first day at the range after believing her when she said, "It's been cleaned". Of course, by the second magazine we were getting FTF's (you can even see one in the video. All it took was a tap on the mag and the round would seat just fine.

I initially thought it was just Taurus's reputation for (low) quality rearing it's head. Then we got back from the range and I broke it down to start cleaning it. I suppose Sarah was right and had been cleaned... on the outside. It certainly wasn't broken down and cleaned because there was some kind of grease, a metric ass load of carbon buildup, and something that turned white when sprayed with cleaner (no idea).

When the rounds were seating, the 111 Pro was comfortable in the hand, very accurate, and had manageable recoil. While it's not my style of gun it's definitely something I can see why people buy it, especially given its low price point.

Next time we hit the range I'll bring the Taurus and see if its any better now that it's cleaned. Until then, I can only give a three rating because of all the FTF's.