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S40 / S40-A1 Review

Simply put, I love this gun. The trapezoidal sites make target acquisition simple and quick. The steep angle and high notch in the grip allow for a very high tang grip. Combine that really high tang grip with the very short height of the slide and you've got a gun and a grip that minimizes the recoil from the .40 S&W ammo. More importantly, what recoil there is comes straight back as opposed to kicking up.

While it is big for what Steyr calls a subcompact, it feels like the perfect size for me. For me, the majority of the true subcompacts are just too dainty and I never feel comfortable with the weapon.

My only knock is true of all Steyrs... getting accessories, holsters, etc., really is a challenge. As great as the gun is it simply doesn't have the sales numbers of Glock or S&W so you have to hunt a little harder for the toys you want.