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SCAR Review

As I stared down the gun and knew I had to talk to the guy shooting it, I knew what it was. Let's start the conversation. A few minutes in and it's show and tell time. He goes over the basics and I listen as if I haven't read every article about it.

He asks if I want to fire a few rounds and I purposely count to three before answering so i dont sound like this:

I take a few rounds and appreciate all that I knew about the rifle - accurate, almost no recoil, extremely comfortable. I learned something else about it... I really, really want one.

About half an hour later the owner asked if i wanted to fire a few more rounds with his scope on the weapon and I'm sure I did sound like M.Bison in that clip above by now.

Just an amazing weapon and certainly one that will get added to the collection at some point.