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XD9 Sub-Compact Review

When Mike was looking and decided on the xD subcompact, I was thrilled for two reasons.

1 - New gun to shoot!, and
2 - No more Kel-tec PF-9 repair trips

The xD is absolutely fantastic in every way:

Size: It's slightly bigger than the PF-9 and similar guns and, as I've said many times - I don't like the pocket guns. The xD seem like the ideal combo of size and concealment.

Recoil: Minimal. Compared to the PF9 or even the PPK, the xD subcompact shows almost no kick. More importantly, what kick it has comes straight back rather than trying to snap up.

Trigger: Springfield. No more to say. The trigger is smooth and excellent. Most important, no more of the ridiculous PF9 trigger pull that takes forever and really doesn't have a reset.

Accuracy: Excellent. The xD points naturally and with it's minimum of recoil it is very quick back to sites.

Striker fire: Yup, Mike got one. He said he never wanted one but he caved.