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PF-9 Review

This gun came from the factory in 1 star mode. I was able to put enough work into it to get it up to 3 stars, but I am not in love with this gun by any means. The ejector/extractor had problems from the beginning and I had to forage the internet for some unorthodox solutions which I implemented (see here). Now I can fire the gun reliably (for the most part) but even fully functional it has its downsides.

This gun is double action only and its a tough double action. The trigger pull is long and the reset is even longer. Learning not to jerk this gun up waiting for it to fire is a chore in itself. The accuracy is acceptable though nothing to write home about.

The 2 best features of this gun are its size and its price. I found mine at 340 and haggled down to 300. Ive heard of people getting it in the low two hundreds. The size of the gun is great. It is extremely slim and short. It conceals well even with the extended magazine that can be bought aftermarket.

This gun is no fun at the range but if you are willing to put a little elbow grease into it, it is a decent carry.