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XD-S Review

So I finally got to fire a Springfield Armory XD-S Sub Compact.45 ACP. It single-handedly (okay double-handedly) changed my mind about buying a subcompact 1911 for a 45 carry. I have never owned a 45 and always planned to get one in a 1911. Since I hate owning guns I won't carry it was probably going to be a Kimber Ultra-Carry or a Para Ordnance Warthog. Surely the best technology for a small 45 would be in the 1911 family right? Wrong.

I have had significant time with a Para Warthog and while it is a nice gun to shoot, the difference in control between the warthog and the SA-XD-S is night and day. My first 5 rounds out of the XD-S was at 7 yards. I had 1 1/2 inch group (minus one anomaly). I was able to repeat this accuracy without anomaly 3 more times before running out of bullets (sharing a box of 50 with the easy bake guys). I was not that accurate with the warthog. Also, the warthog pushes up as much as it pushes back which means getting back on target takes longer. The XD-S pushes back but hardly up at all. So reacquiring the target is extremely fast. This is without even taking into consideration the bright red fiber optic front sight that comes stock on the XD-S. I sure wish that sight was stock my XD9sc. The front sight combined with the nice fat extremely visible rear dovetail sight kept me accurate as well as consistent.

Almost a pocket gun, the XD-S is only slightly bigger than my Kel-Tec PF-9 but somehow seemed more manageable in my hand and trigger pull was so much better. The only place the pf9 outperforms the XD-S is in capacity - but that might be negated by the XD-S accuracy since my pf9 groups aren't nearly as impressive as my XD-S groups. I think if wardrobe was limiting me from carrying my XD9sc which is no doubt my favorite carry, I would absolutely carry an XD-S over my pf9.

Unless some ridiculous deal presents itself on something else, I suspect the XD-S will be my next purchase. I guess I'll have to come up with some other reason to buy a 1911.

*** Update 2-24/2013
The XD-S was in fact my next purchase. I bought it today for 525. I traded in my cz-75 p07 duty for it. Im sad about losing that gun, but it served no practical purpose in my collection anymore =[.

The new XDs worked great right from the start. hit a tight group from 7 yards as shown in the highlighted part of this target.

xds 7 yard accuracy range report

Put a total of 40 rounds through with no failures. Look forward to having money to buy ammo again! =/