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SR22 Review

This is a nice 22. Jayson bought one and brought it to the range. I warmed up with it. Its a decent way to get lose before shooting more expensive ammo. The safety is backwards which is weird. You cant unlock it from a firing position, but its not like this is the type of gun you want to carry for defense anyways. The double action pull is a little long, but the single action has a nice break and reset. The gun is probably better fired from smaller hands. I had to work real hard not to squeeze shots to the left and i think thats a direct result of the of the gun and how it fits in my hand. I fired about 50 rounds without any failures, but Jason said he had one out of the 300 rounds we fired. For a 22, thats not bad at all. Again, if this is a range toy and nothing im going to carry, I wouldnt stress a 1 in 300 failure.