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S40 / S40-A1 Review

This compact striker is a stinger. I shot it in a 40 cal and its amazing how manageable the recoil is. Don't get me wrong. Put enough rounds down range with this puppy and your hand is going to start to ache, but all the recoil goes back not up and target reacquisition is a breeze. The unique triangular site system is extremely accurate and great for long distance. I was able to put mortal shots into a target at 25 yards with little difficulty.

My only gripes are the triangle sites for me at least take a little longer to get on target initially. I suspect this can be overcome with practice. My other gripe. The trigger feels more like a button than a trigger as it has a very short but heavy pull and a weird clicking reset. Its almost as difficult to anticipate as a long double action but again something that practice can make perfect Im sure. Great gun. Might not be compact enough to carry least not for me.