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Model 629 Review

I only fired about 10 rounds from this thing. (The bullets were expensive). But it was freaking awesome. We rented this gun because we wanted something that went BOOM and it delivered.

I honestly don't see how this gun is super useful in the real world past how fun it is. With such limited capacity and its clunkyness, I couldn't figure out who would choose to carry this even for duty purposes. I guess you can practice and become proficient with anything...but still.

The double action pull was pretty heavy so it was easier to cock it and use the single action trigger...HAIR trigger. Once this thing is cocked, if you breathe wrong it goes off...It made for a pretty good startle the first time I tried the SA. That just added to the fun factor. Totally worth the rental price. Everyone should fire this gun if for nothing more than the cultural value alone. I know what you're thinkin!