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84FS Cheetah / 85FS Cheetah Review

A buddy of mine brought one of these to a range meet recently so I had the opportunity to fire a couple mags. Since it was a 380 and only slightly larger than the ppk, I figured it would handle about the same. I was wrong. Even though they are 380 and heavy, PPKs tend to be snappy with the recoil. This gun was nothing of the sort. If I didn't know ahead of time that I was shooting standard ball target ammo, I would have though these were light reloads. This gun handled regular range 380 ammo like it was 22. I was able to quickly put 5 rounds in a 2 to 3 inch group at 10 yards. Left to right was perfect but I did shoot just a tad high. Nothing that couldn't be fixed with practice...or just moving the target further away. The controls were easy to manage and overall I thought it was a cool little gun to shoot. It loses points for being a 380 cause thats just not cool enough ammo for me these days. Also its one of the larger 380s ive handled and wouldnt be as concealable. Since I can't imagine anyone is looking for an open carry 380, this gun loses points there too. Still, if your friend will let you shoot his for free, its totally worth it!