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CZ-83 Review

I found my CZ-83 used at a price I couldn't ignore especially since the gun is discontinued as of last year. I am a fan of CZ guns in general and since my other .380 is indefinitely out of commission, I happily added this to my collection.

Shooting this gun is easy as pie. It is easy to fire, very accurate and with minimal recoil, follow up shots are spot on. I was using some standard steel ball ammo from blazer so I was expecting this gun to feel a little snappy in the hands like the walther PPK tends to. But this gun doesn't pop at all. The only other .380 I've fired that was as smooth as this was a Beretta Cheetah, but that gun was a tad bigger and heavier. The CZ-83 offers that level of handling in a slightly smaller gun.

Now its a double stack mag allowing for more rounds, but this obviously creates a fatter grip than a PPK or similar single stack .380 models, but I find it conceals about as easy as those models. It is also a tad heavier so people who like lightweight plastic wouldn't want to carry this. Also, some people don't like .380 as a protection round which I get. I typically carry a .45auto and thats where its at, but when I last carried 380, it was a 6+1 scenario. Since the CZ-83 has 12 + 1, at least you know if you can't make a big hole, you can make a lot of medium ones.

Also worth noting is this gun is sa/da so you can carry however you want. It does have a pretty heavy double action pull so it would probably be more fitting to carry it cocked and locked. The safety on mine was tight with a good click when toggling on and off. It was also extremely easy to disengage from an active firing grip.

My overall impression is that I made the right decision buying this gun. I can't wait to find some more 380 ammo somewhere so I can take it out on a date again soon. Its a potential carry, a fun range gun and like CZs tend to be, a conversation level collectable. I dropped roughly 350$ I don't know if you can find a better deal, but that seems pretty reasonable to me. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.