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XD9 Sub-Compact Review

I purchased my Springfield Armory XD 9 Sub-compact last week from Weston Arms in Davie, Florida. The sticker price was $525. While I was able to haggle the price down to 470, I have heard of people picking this up in the lower four hundreds.

I've had this gun at the range twice since I bought it for about 220 rounds. It has functioned flawlessly. No failures to eject. No failures to fire. No failures to feed. I know 220 rounds isn't a lot to go on, but anyone who has ever had a problematic gun knows that 220 failure free rounds is still something to feel good about. It ate some Remington UMC FMJ, Federal FMJ and a few hornady JHP defense rounds that I put in it just to make sure.

While the first day at the range got me comfortable with the reliability of the gun, accuracy wise, I was all over the place. The Ultra Safety Assurance (U.S.A.) action trigger system is taking some getting use to, but its a hell of a lot easier to work than those ridiculous long trigger pulls on the double action only sub compact 9s floating around out there.

My second day, I was getting more comfortable putting some tight groups at center mast from 10 yards. The gun clearly is capable of shooting better than I can but I look forward to trying to catch up.

The recoil is near non-existent at first. It won't affect your shooting, but I promise you around 50 rounds, you will start feeling some cramping in the back of your hand since that's where the gun is unloading its energy.

The downside of this gun is it is a little fatty. It's classed as a sub-compact but it is a double stack with some heft to it, so don't think its going to compare size wise to a pocket 9 like the kel-tec pf9, kahr pm9, diamondback db9 or ruger lc9. It's not that small and definitely belongs in a holster.

The De Santis Pro Stealth N87 inside the wasteband holster works fantastic for me. I tried a couple of other IWB holsters but in the end the pro stealth reduced printing the most so that's what I went with. (i always end up going with the pro stealth. 3 of my guns live in them.)

As for capacity. I guess the older version of the XD9sc provided a 10 round and a 16 round magazine. The 10 round design was reworked to add 3 more rounds without having to make the size of the magazine any bigger leading to a flush magazine for 13 + 1 rounds. The XD also came with a 16 round magazine that as far as I am concerned is garbage. It adds so much handle to the gun you might as well go get the 30 round magazine since it wont be good for anything but the range. Also, the way the oversized 16 mag is designed, you are most likely going to pinch the crap out of your palm when you slam it into the gun. I knew about it ahead of time because I read in another review about it happening...AND I STILL DID IT. I'll be ordering another 13 rounder ASAP. ( I hear some XD kits actually come with 2 of the 13s)

Overall. I am very satisfied with my purchase. I would like to see a few hundred more rounds go through this thing without issue before i feel completely comfortable with it, but I am already carrying it with more confidence than I ever had with my Kel-Tec pf9.

I will be sure to update this review with any new info I get as I continue to become acquainted with the SA XD 9 subcompact.

* Update - Its been about two months since purchasing this gun. I can say after roughly 1000 rounds down range, that this gun has performed flawlessly. All rounds have fired without a single failure or any kind of malfunction. Also, I am more accurate with this gun than I have ever been with any other handgun in any class. I love this gun.

* Just put another 250 rounds through. Still flawless. The xd9 subcompact is amazing!

* Still love it. Did 100 rounds today. Here are some xd9 sc accuracy reports from that range trip

* Update: Sad to report that at somewhere around 2000 rounds I had a failure to feed. It might very well have been a problem with the round however, because after an examination of the gun...and seeing nothing wrong, i put another 100 rounds without a problem that day. Probably an anomaly but since my CZ P07 never had a single fail in over 15,000 rounds, this is a little disappointing by comparison. I will update again if this one failure turns into a trend.