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SEALs punished for consulting on crappy video game

As you may have heard, a group of Navy SEALs, were punished yesterday for working without permission on, and allegedly disclosing classified information to the producers of, the video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter.

What has been announced in the press is that the SEALs, including including at least one member of DEVGRU (commonly known as SEAL Team 6) who was on the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden, did not go through proper channels and get approval to consult on the project. Additionally, reports claim that the SEALs gave the producers access to and details of classified gear available only to their units.

While I believe in Operational Security and the need for information to be classified I will defer to former Navy SEAL sniper and Editor of Since he's far more qualified and knowledgeable about these matters, read Brandon's take by clicking here.

What I want to address is a far more onerous issue about the work these SEALs put into the game. It really sucks. I bought into the marketing hype, told my gaming friends that I was done with Call of Duty and ready to jump over to Warfighter because it was done right and they were making a great game. I'm good enough at convincing myself that, even when playing the disastrous multi-player beta on XBox Live, I was sure the final version would be better. Hell, I talked my friend Chris, an active duty Marine into buying it instead of waiting for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 before he deploys.

Well, the final version sucks as much as the beta. Single player is fine and all, even if it's only about five hours of gameplay, but it's nothing that makes me think it's the next great thing. Multiplayer? Terrible. Tried it, hated it, ready to apologize to Chris for it.

While the press gets caught up in what will most likely be a far less informative breach of OpSec than the movie Act of Valor was and Zero Dark Thirty most likely will be let's remember the real crime in this story... that even with a team of Tier 1 operators consulting Medal of Honor: Warfighter still sucks.

News reports about the operators being punished for the wrong thing:

The game is never as fun as this demo is: