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October 2012 Defensive Gun Use Report

Late last month, Jayson and I were doing something super cool and tactical - I think we were getting wings for college football Saturday - when Jayson told me about a conversation he had with a co-worker. It seems Jayson's co-worker is generally opposed to concealed carry because (and I'm paraphrasing here), "how often do people ever really defend themselves? You never hear about it".

Of course, we've been highlighting these types of stories since we launched the website so we knew it was quite frequent but had no solid answer for them. We decided to be a little more diligent and really scour the news services for these stories. What did we learn about using firearms for self defense?

Unless you're a 12 year old girl home alone, the story isn't making national news

Self defense shooting's are so common that if they were all covered on national news we would never get to hear all of the adventures of the Jersey Shore crew, who's winning onDancing with the Stars, or what's going on with the Real Housewives of Who Knows Where. With 85 defensive uses of a handgun in October, we're talking 2.74 incidents per day - and that's just the stories that actually made it to an online news source.

As Jayson says, "you can't estimate what you don't know" but I'm certain there are plenty of stories we still missed. Another factor is that we avoided listing stories where the shooter claimed self defense but the facts were murky or the police felt they had ground to press charges.

Senior citizens shoot better than criminals
10. That's the number of times a senior citizen used a firearm to defend themselves this month. Yup. 10. Perhaps it's time for the punk ass criminals in our country to realize that the today's senior citizens are Korean War and Vietnam Conflict veterans - they are quite handy with firearms.

A .22 will work just fine
While we have a story in October of a man using a BB gun to run off criminals from his house, this story is just too good to leave out. Back in September a couple of thugs decided to rob a 92 year old man's house. Instead, they found that a World War II veteran and a .22 rifle are a deadly combination. Again... seniors kick ass and sometimes caliber doesn't matter.

Don't break into a house in Texas
From this junkyard to this