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My Smith and Wesson Walther ppk/s

Let me start by saying that this was not my first handgun. I own a full size Smith and Wesson M&P9 and owned a Sig Sauer Mosquito .22 that I bought to use at the range for cheap fun (I had nothing but trouble with the Sig and eventually got rid of it after their Customer Service Dept. consistently ignored my pleas for help). The 9mm was strictly a keep at home, take on road trips, and go to the range occasionally gun. After I moved back to Florida I met a guy who carried essentially everywhere. I had thought about getting my concealed carry license a few times before and he convinced me (rather easily) to get my license. Now, with the license on the way, I became interested in actually having a gun that I could carry regularly; the 9mm just isn’t a carry for me for several reasons. I did some looking around at stores and online and liked the idea of starting with an easier to handle .380 and I already made a few trips to the range with a friend where he allowed me to fire his carry, an Indian Arms ppk. So I made a trip to a gun store that had several different models, the Walther ppk/s, a Sig Sauer 380 (which was ruled out immediately due to my previous experience), and the Bersa Thunder. The decision essentially came down to the one that felt the most comfortable in my hand and that was the Walther. I had heard some good things about the Bersa but it just didn’t fit in my hand well. I can’t say I’ve had the chance to fire a Bersa yet but I have been interested in the 9mm Compact Pro model lately (anyone want to send me one to try so I can compare?).

So, I decided to purchase a Walther ppk/s of my very own and I can say after having it for a while now that I love this gun. Sure, there are smaller, more easily concealed, and more powerful guns but, I still love this gun. Getting over the strictly aesthetic appeal of the gun and the fact that I kinda feel like James Bond when I fire it, the gun has proven to be very accurate and very reliable thus far.

I'll update along the way on the ppk/s whenever I have something note worthy.
About the Author:
Davie, FL. Born and raised.

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Posted By: Michael
08/07/12 12:43 AM

I don't know if you meant my 380 or not, but it was an Indian Arms 380. Although I do believe there is an interams 380 also.

I wish that gun was in working condition. I hate not having a ppk or knock off or whatever.  ppks are the shit.

Posted By: Jayson
08/07/12 08:33 PM

Indian Arms. Thats what I meant
Posted By: Michael
08/07/12 10:30 PM

Either way. I miss it.
Posted By: Jayson
08/08/12 08:07 PM

If it makes you feel a little better, you can shoot mine every once in a while.
Posted By: Michael
08/08/12 08:10 PM

You just reminded me. I need to put the indian arms in the gun database. I think i am the leading internet resource for that gun anyways.