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CCW Breakaways Review - Initial Thoughts / 2 weeks

CCW Breakaways Review - Initial Thoughts

It's already been a month since we talked about our upcoming review of CCW Breakaways concealed carry system pants. We've been slammed with the holidays and getting the gun database almost up to full beta status. On the plus side, we had an unintended storm surge test of the pants one late night on the beach during Hurricane Sandy

CCW Breakaways doesn't actually have a trial and evaluation (T&E) program set up yet so we told them "if there's anything you have that you can send, we'd love to review it". Jay dug around and shortly thereafter we received two pairs of khakis that had been set aside and marked as flawed along with 4 magsocks, trigger guards, and some velcro tape if we wanted to securely add flashlights, knives, or anything else (just had a brainstorm and I will be doing this to my phone before the next update to the review).

What were the flaws in the material? Well, the pants had Post-its on them marking the flaws and telling us what they were. On my pair of pants it was a mark that someone with far better eyesight than I found because I couldn't see anything. And Mike? I never told him there was a flaw on them and he's never noticed (although I bet he looks really hard after he reads this - it's his nature). I bring this up because when I spoke to Jay he talked a lot about the commitment to quality and his product lived up to it. His "flaws" were things I never would have noticed. As a business owner myself, I can appreciate that attention to detail and commend CCW Breakaways for it.

Like a couple of kids on Christmas morning we played around with everything immediately. Putting on the pants, setting up the "holster" sizing and angle, putting in the trigger guard shield, and playing with the magsocks. Within moments there was one thing we all agreed on - CCW Breakaways are far more than a gimmick and may be one of the better concealed carry options I've seen.

A few things became apparent within minutes of walking around and wearing the CCW Breakaways:
1 - A full gun grip with the outward appearance of a hand in the pocket is a distinct tactical advantage
2 - Being able to easily draw while seated was a nice surprise.
3 - Having a completely concealable carry system that could be worn at a workplace without printing at all is advantageous for
4 - This was going to be something we really like reviewing.

Was there anything negative we noticed right away? Other than with a new Ferrari, there are always a few cons to every product (and honestly those seats in the Ferrari are really tight). The pleating in the pants isn't really a style I personally wear anymore but I appreciate the value of it to help break up printing - I'd love to see the cargos made without pleating so they have a more casual look. The only other thing I noticed was that the material of the pants is very sturdy. It's going to take a few washes to see if they get a softer feel to them.

Our next update will be in roughly two weeks and that's where we'll really get in depth with the Breakaways because all of us agree that you need to see video (we will help with that) and, truthfully, you need to wear the pants and carry in them to understand how convenient they really are.

Take a moment to check out their site, see the videos, and order a pair for yourself to try -

Until then, be safe and let us know if you have anything you'd like to know about the CCW Breakaways pants.

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Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 12:38 PM

The pants look great but I for one don't pocket carry. I don't like the feel of a gun flopping around in my pants. It’s good to see the pocket is reinforced and that it breaks away for an easy pull.
Posted By: Michael
12/12/12 05:13 PM

Thats the point. it doesnt actually flop around. Mine sits snug against the front of my thigh. it feels like its strapped in with a rubber band, but the handle has easy access. The pants could be tweaked for sure, but I love the concept overall...It beats thunderware.