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China Believes in a Disarmed America

Apparently China now believes that the American public should be disarmed. No kidding. The primary military threat to the United States want our citizens to be disarmed. Now not only are our own politicians using a tragic event to push an agenda, but now China's political party is getting in on the act. Well, if there is one thing the Chinese government has, it's some experience in suppressing and murdering its people in order to make them fall in line.

Yeah, that's these guys in case you don’t remember them:

China is a glowing, and current, example of what can happen when a government is allowed to rule over a disarmed citizen population; a place where forced relocation, imprisonment/execution of political dissidents, and routine riots are the norm. An example of a place where the population has no means to defend themselves, their families, their land, or their rights.

If anything, the call from the Chinese government for gun control in America should cause gun control advocates to rethink their all or nothing stance and be more willing to have a conversation about a realistic plan to reduce the number of events like have occurred in the past few weeks (and I say reduce only because I don’t believe that these events can be eliminated completely).

A quote, for no other reason than I like this quote.
"Every citizen should be a soldier. This was the case with the Greeks and Romans, and must be that of every free state." — Thomas Jefferson in a June 18, 1813 letter to James Monroe.

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Posted By: LilChantilly
01/01/13 04:07 PM

It all seems so obvious to me, and the fact that the Chinese government sides with the gun control folks, only reaffirms my position on the matter. In fact, today I was searching Google for gun related news - and found an article where Al Jazeera was discussing the United States gun discussion and took the same side as the Chinese. Really? Al Jazeera? The sheep out in our society truly need to wake up. Thank you for sharing this story!
Posted By: Jayson
01/01/13 07:09 PM

"found an article where Al Jazeera was discussing the United States gun discussion "

Would like to read that also. If you find an article worth sharing; post it.
Posted By: Bamashooter
02/07/13 05:17 AM

Fuck China.