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Independently Armed - A Warning For Liberals

Liberals are the more compassionate party. I don't think anyone would argue against this. The fact that the word seems to follow 'bleeding heart' so well should be enough of a reason to agree. This is why they are so anti-gun. How can a group of people with so much compassion sit around and do nothing when children are being shot. Something so drastic as a school shooting requires a drastic response. So lets not hate liberals for wanting guns to disappear. If your child was killed by a gun, conservative or liberal, you'd have a hard time not hating guns no matter how illogical it would be. The more compassionate someone is, the further removed they can be from the person killed and still be blinded to the logic that gun control won't solve the problem. Logical people know that criminals don't obey laws so laws wont stop violence and excessively compassionate people refuse to acknowledge it. I am tired of that argument that's not the point I want to make today.

What I want to do is make sure liberals know what is at stake and I promise you it is nothing less than core party platforms. This country is so polarized you can't ignore how close every election seems to be. Since Obama secured his second term, conservatives are starting to realize that you cannot win an election pandering to the base. Liberals, however, seemed to figure out after G.W. secured his second term that you really need to pander to the middle. That's where most independents live. That's where I live. We are the swing vote. You can't buy my vote with Jesus and you can't sell my vote for fear. If you want my vote you had better be able to tell me why I should give it to you, what I stand to gain and why its worth whatever I am going to lose. This is why I am I writing this. I want liberals to know what their anti gun stance is going to cost them. Because my typically liberal vote will not be so typical next election if you keep trying to take gun rights from law abiding citizens.

If you are anti-gun, you are anti-gay. As a registered independent my vote tends to favor gay rights. I don't care about the issue of gay marriage to be honest. I don't much care about marriage really. Marriage is a word that says the government and/or church recognize two people as a single entity. As far as I am concerned, the only people who can recognize a couple as a single entity is the couple themselves. Still, I understand the importance of legal recognition of a couple, gay or otherwise, for economic, medical, parental and other purposes, but civil unions covers that so again it comes back to the word marriage. You know what really pisses me off as an independent? Anyone wasting any time or money on something as stupid as a word. The easiest and cheapest solution to this so called problem is to give gay people the right to use the word like anyone else. Then I can stop watching people fight over what should be nothing. This is why gay rights usually gets my vote. I cannot however, prioritize the right of gay people to use a specific word to describe themselves above my own right to protect myself or my loved ones from harm. I will not trade my gun for your word

If you are anti-gun you are not pro-choice. As a registered independent my vote tends to favor a woman's right to choose. I am a man so the decision to abort a baby is one i have never had to make. But I am pretty sure I'd hate anyone telling me what I am required to do with my body. Even the point of 'when does life begin' wont sway my answer because I believe the child is the blessing or curse to the parents. I certainly don't feel deprived of anything if someone i do not know has an abortion so why should I care if they do it or not. I guess where abortion is concerned I'd just prefer everyone mind their own business and I'll mind mine. Still, I am not going to give up my right to protect my family so that someone else can make the decision to not add a child to their family. If I have to vote for you to lose your right to choose to abort a baby, so I can keep my right to choose to protect my family, I will choose my family every single time. I will not trade my gun for your choice.

If you are anti-gun you do not believe in global climate change or you just don't care. I believe global climate change is a real thing. It concerns me but I suspect we have already hit a tipping point and I honestly believe that time, money and energy would be best spent figuring out how to get us off this planet. The shortsightedness of humans is not limited to those who think we aren't changing the climate of this planet. The shortsightedness extends to those who believe that we can do anything more than delay the inevitable. We have the means to conquer space and that's where our efforts should lie but we lack the imagination. Nevertheless, I do like clean water, clean air, clean animals etc so if my vote for the green movement can help that, I am all about it. But how can I possibly be expected to help save the world if the world expects me to not save myself. It makes no sense to give up my safety or the safety of my family for the unknown future environment. I will not trade my gun for your day after tomorrow.

These aren't the only liberal beliefs that I won't trade my gun for, but these are the big three that win liberals elections. There are some liberal issues I can't stand and some conservative issues I can really get behind. In the past though, when voting my conscience, I can't help but admit that I usually won't trade the liberal issues I believe in for the conservative issues I believe in - Until now. So I would strongly suggest that liberals abandon the anti-gun position, not only because its pragmatically incorrect but because its going to cost everything else you believe in. As an independent, I am everybody's base and all party's must pander to me. I am independently armed and as such you can't have my gun and my vote. If you think you can, you might as well buy a gas guzzling Hummer and run over a gay couple while on your way to picket your local Planned Parenthood. I might lose sleep over it, but I'm not going to lose my life. Think about it.
About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.

Posts: Blogs / Independently Armed - A Warning For Liberals

Posted By: SgtZim
04/30/13 05:45 PM

I love your web site, but when you shoot off into liberal ideas, you lose credibility woth me. I hope you'll consider that as a suggestion from a friend! I'll gladly debate any of the above issues, time permitting. I suppose that is my usual (human) reaction, and why I rarely watch movies or TV news any more - I avoid sources that I perceive as foolish.

Posted By: Michael
04/30/13 05:53 PM

The fact that we disagree on some things but agree on others will increase our credibility on that which we agree on ie. guns. If you and I stand side by side and say anyone who wants to disarm me is a fascist one can say that we are in cahoots because of other ideologies we share. So while I don't mind that you disagree with me on my liberal positions, lets argue those issues on other websites. Our solidarity is imperative here =]

And i hear you on "sources that i perceive as foolish"
but if you only plan to get your information from sources you agree with 100% then your mind is made up about everything and why bother getting any information at all?

Posted By: SgtZim
05/01/13 12:30 PM

Thanks Michael, I will try to listen to / watch (the other side). God bless you and God bless our country.
Posted By: Michael
05/01/13 01:35 PM

as will I SgtZim. Your insight is appreciated!