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Review of Shoot Straight Gun Range - Ft. Lauderdale welcomes Shoot Straight gun store and shooting range to Ft. Lauderdale. This is an exciting addition to the Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood area. Without a doubt, our favorite location to shoot is Pembroke Gun Range in Hallandale (I know right?) We enjoy that range, its employees and the regular customers we have befriended over years of shooting there, but Pembroke has always had what we consider to be a major drawback: You can't shoot high powered rifles least not without extremely expensive frangible ammunition. So when we want to shoot our ARs, AKs and our sometimes functioning Steyr Augs, we have to go elsewhere. We tried National Armory once. National Armory is a great store, but the shooting range leaves a lot to be desired. It has few lanes to begin with and there is an eye in the sky with a loud microphone constantly hassling you about every little thing you do. We are extremely safe shooters, so if anyone is telling us what we should or shouldn't do, it is excessive on their parts. So the next best solution for shooting high powered rifles at an indoor gun range was Shoot West Palm Beach. A fine range indeed but an hour and a half drive north which is why we have been waiting in high anticipation for the latest instance of Shoot Straight in our own backyard. Now that it's here and I've been, I am excited to provide this review of Shoot Straight shooting range in Ft. Lauderdale to our local users.

I am happy to say the newest Florida Shoot Straight is adequate and maybe a tad more than. The staff was friendly and welcoming the second we walked through the door. They immediately got us started in the excessively long process to shoot on their range. I had a red card from the Palm Beach location but they said that had expired. Why did it expire? I haven't stopped being me have I? So they made me fill out new forms and get a new card ( orange i think ) and took a new photocopy of my drivers license. Then they checked our ammunition. Then they began to ring us up to charge us to get on the range. Then we signed the sign in sheet and walked on the range.

Its very nice to be sure. Its brand spanking new, so we expected it to be nice. Its extremely cool as it has large periscoping vents blasting cold air on to each lane station. Most ranges tend to be warm so living in Florida I wouldn't think to take a jacket of any sort, but I might recommend to anyone headed to Ft. Lauderdale Shoot Straight to bring something with long sleeves just in case. The lanes use a replaceable heavy cardboard hanger for clipping your preferred targets to. It makes for quick setup and gets you to shooting quick. The acoustics are the best I have experienced at any range. Lots of carpet keeps the gun sounds down range. I don't use super fancy ear protection but nothing seemed to be too loud there. We fired for the hour we paid in advance for and then packed up to head out.

After checking out, we perused the store inventory. Lots of great handguns and rifles to look at. The tags on the guns all seemed pretty reasonable considering the current firearm economics in a currently gun hostile political climate. All the inventory is nicely displayed in a very roomy store area and there were plenty accessories to choose from in the isles near the counter. Hands down, it is one of the best gun stores I have been in and I've been in a few.

So are there any downsides? Yeah a few. Nothing that would keep me from going back, but certainly worth mentioning so potential customers might know what to expect and to give owners and managers of the establishment something to think about.

I think I made the point of how long it takes to get on the range. Its a pain. Most places, you provide ID, sign in and you are good to go. I feel like I am closing on a house whenever I try to get on the range at shoot straight. Sometimes I think I should have some kind of legal representation with me to help me sift through the paperwork. I might be exaggerating a little, but trust me, the exaggeration is warranted.

Next there is the issue of price. Its pretty expensive. Its 15 dollars per hour per person. Now I don't have 30 dollars per hour per person to spend whenever Tiff and I go to the range, so I feel like I am rushing to get all my shooting done in an hour. I don't know what happens if I go over that hour, but they run a pretty tight ship and I suspect they don't allow a lot of wiggle room. They have a membership option for either 40 or 60 dollars a month (i don't recall which exactly) that I guess allows you unlimited access to the range which might be a good investment if there wasn't such a squeeze on ammo right now. Until ammunition becomes more readily available, I don't much see the point in shelling out money for what might never be. If they recognized that, they might lower the membership fee or the one time shooting fee on a temporary basis...that would be something I hope they would think about.

I don't want to complain too much about the staff. I really did find them to be a good bunch of people. They were a little over active about how I was shooting. Asking me to keep the target at 5 yards out. I work 3 yard drills, so this is a little upsetting, but whatever. Then they asked me to use larger targets for shotgun use. The reasoning was to keep the cardboard target hangers from being prematurely damaged beyond use. But If i put up a large target, but shoot at its head, that's no different than a small target, so really, whats the point. Some kind of meaningless gesture to pretend to keep their expenses down. I am sure my range fee can cover that 5 cent piece of cardboard so is it really worth interrupting my shooting over? Maybe maybe not. Overall I felt they were pretty good at NOT interrupting me too much. Ive seen some knuckleheads at ranges and I don't mind if the staff governs on the side of caution as long as it doesn't get excessive and the people are able to assess quickly that I am an experienced safe shooter that doesn't need "extra" attention.

My last complaint is political in nature. I try not to be TOO political, but I can't just pretend this didn't happen. After I checked in, I was looking around the store waiting for the Jasons to get there paperwork done. The sign on the door of the store says "no loaded firearms in the store" or something to that affect which is annoying, but not too uncommon so whatever. Anyhow, as per the rules, my gun was unloaded but open carried in my holster. One of the staff guys noticed it and asked if he could check the gun. I lifted my hands, shifted my waste to him and said "absolutely". Here comes where I got annoyed. After he put the gun back in the holster, he told me to cover it. I asked why. He said its the rules. I asked why again and he said "because it makes customers uncomfortable" Customers at a gun store / gun range who don't expect to see a gun? This is ridiculous. All the employees are openly carrying what I assume are loaded weapons, so there is minimal risk of a customer with an openly carried unloaded firearm being any more dangerous than a criminal with a concealed loaded gun. I don't know I just don't get it. And considering the current climate of anti gun politics, it almost seems like a place like a shooting range/gun store where laws against open carry don't apply, it should be the moral responsibility of that place to allow open carry as a show of solidarity to gun rights causes. But maybe I'm just being overzealous. I won't NOT go to shoot straight because of this, but I know some people who will be glad to know this ahead of will help avoid a scene.

So if you can handle a bigger hit to the wallet, a long process to get on the range and some oddly ambiguous and possibly hypocritical stances on gun rights, then I promise you you will be happy with what the Ft. Lauderdale Shoot Straight has to offer. Happy safe shooting!

Shoot Straight is located at
2200 S State Road 7, Plantation, FL 33317
You can find more info here
About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.