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How Not to Sell Your Gun or Why Not to Rustoleum Your Gun

Alright, so Jayson's been on the fence about a rifle. Let me clairfy - Jayson's been on the fence about a modern rifle. He already has a safe full of older rifles but he's been back and forth about getting something modern.

Jayson made his decision this week and he started looking for a PS-90. Let's all agree early on that it's still a sellers market - albeit not by much. Rifles are hitting the shelves and prices have come down to the real world almost everywhere. This, of course, does not apply to ammo particularly of the 5.7x28 models Jayson would need. I have 400 rounds even though I don't have anything that shoots 5.7 so it's not like there was nothing to shoot if the gun came in.

With that as a consideration the search began. The local dealers were all dry so we took to the internet for some research. we came across some decent package deals (ammo and PS90 together) but all of them seemed to think it was still December based on their pricing.

We found an ad on the always entertaining Phoenix Backpage Sporting Goods listings ( that looked like a good deal.

And then we saw the pictures.

Our initial questions:
- What the hell kind of finish is that?
- Did someone try to make a gold PS90 without using gold?
- What a crappy job (not a question but a definite thought).
- Is that... a can of Rustoleum?

Yup. That wasn't a bad job with Duracoat or a lazy ass attempt at Cerakote.
No, no, no - it's Rustoleum.

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Posted By: barstoolguru
04/25/13 10:02 AM

everyone knows you are supposed to use Krylon (candy apple red)