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Nexus Shooting - My Sneak Preview

So today I had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of Nexus, South Florida's newest gun store and shooting range and before I tell shooting enthusiasts what I think, let me tell other gun ranges what I think. You had better start worrying. Nexus is raising the bar so high that unless you are willing to go back to the drawing board completely, the best you can hope for is to pick up the overflow when Nexus is booked solid...and they will be booked solid. As for shooters, I will tell you about 2 things. First I will tell you what I am allowed to talk about. Then I will tell you what I am not allowed to talk about.

So lets start with what I can talk about...

Nexus is what I am just going to call a shooting complex. Its located in Davie, Florida at 2600 Davie Rd (thats Ft. Lauderdale for all you tenderfoots) just south of 595. There is plenty of parking for the many customers they can assuredly plan on having and overall its pretty effing sweet.

nexus shooting rangeUpon walking through that door I was greeted by a friendly girl who welcomed me to what seemed like Men in Black headquarters. The futuristic effect, however, isn't a facade. The complex is actually built out of technology. There are literally entire walls made out of LED screens. Those screens create the effect of a massive life size online shopping cart - only the icons are real guns that any member of the extremely friendly sales staff will offer and encourage you to handle. There were handguns and rifles and shotguns OH MY. Also plentiful was accessories like cleaning products, tactical gear, magazines and other stuff I am sure I am forgetting about. Any Tom Dick or Harry would find the setup impressive, but gun enthusiasts will swoon at the presentation. I can't wait to go back just to take the store in again, but off to the range we go.

Signing into the range is no biggie. They take your drivers license, email address and get you to sign off on some rules and you are good to go. To get into the range, you wave your hand over a wall plate and a Star Trek style sliding door opens up. I am not sure if my memory or my imagination is adding a hissing sound to the sliding door, but it was super cool either way. The range will be mostly familiar. There are some high tech controls for the targets that let you do some programming for moving targets and quick returns and what not. I've seen this stuff before, but its mostly beyond me. I'll warn you now, the floor of the range is a grating that catches and keeps anything that falls into it. I found out the hard way that clearing the chamber of a live round might just cost you that round forever. One thing I really like is that behind the lanes there is a lot of buffer room from the back wall to the stall. You won't feel the people coming on and off the range behind you. Its may seem like no big deal, but I felt it added to the overall comfort of the range. Each of the two rooms I was in on the range had one or two staff rangers on hand with others flowing in and out from time to time - keeping an eye on things. All of them were astute and most of them seemed enthusiastic about where they were and what they were doing. Ask about my guns all you want Nexus employees because I love talking about them! But I digress. One more big plus about this range: Handguns AND rifles welcome. There was no frangible ammunition required to fire my AK-47 and thats just gravy on my mashed potatoes. So if you like shooting up to 25 yards with rifles or handguns on a clean, comfortable gun range with some fancy programmable caddy systems for your target, you are going to like what Nexus has to offer.

nexus gun rangeI wasn't paying real close attention to the pricing structure. I know I had to pay a 10 dollar one time fee for my plastic Nexus gun range card which seems pretty sturdy (much better than a colored piece of paper). I think I paid 15 for the hour plus a couple of bucks for targets. It was totally comparable to other ranges in the area. I do know they are going to have a tiered licensing structure based on classes they offer that allows you to do more on the range ie draw from the holster. Those tier licenses and classes, to my knowledge, will be accompanied by a fee. They have some details on their website and I will post more as I learn more but I am still not sure how I feel about paying to learn what I already know. Can't I just clept it?

Now I will tell you as much as I can about what I am not allowed to talk about. No it's not fight club, but its amazing. Its beautiful. It is a game changer. It will separate the men from the boys. When you see it... Do you understand what I am telling you? I wish I could tell you more, but I only got to see it on the condition that I wouldn't talk about it yet. Nya Nya.

Anyhow, I can't wait till I am given the okay to tell you more about what they have hidden behind the curtains...maybe even show you some photos and videos, but until I am able to do a full review I can assure you that the next time you shoot in Florida, you want it to be at Nexus. If you aren't in Florida you had best cross your fingers and hope that any rumors of Nexus Shooting ranges at future locations are true...and that those locations are near you.

Nexus Shooting is located at:
2600 Davie Rd, Davie Florida 33314
(754) 888-4520

They can be found on the web at:
About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.

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Posted By: Jayson
05/09/13 07:02 PM

Mike ain't kidding. The range is nice. The gun and accessories selection is extensive. The staff is friendly, helpful and teach one I talked with was knowledgeable and seemed as interested in firearms as the customers. I did get a sneak preview of the "things I can't talk about" already and it is pretty sweet. Once we can talk about it and put up some video... you will all be very jealous if Nexus is not near you. If it is near you, keep an eye out on easybake for when it is open so you can plan your trip.