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Steyr S40-A1 - Range Report

While it was Sarah's first day at the range with us (and if you haven't seen it yet, you need to stop and watch:


Between teaching Sarah handgun basics and watching her do the Dougie to get the hot round off her boobs, I actually did manage to get some practice in. It was just a quick 50 round session. I definitely see a marked improvement in accuracy as I adjust to the sites on the Steyr as I didn't expect a group like this (even if it was 5 yards):

And to finish off, I went with shots at 25 yards to strictly work on accuracy and trigger control. I'm still pulling a little t the left although it's a massive improvement from last time I worked on this:

Yes, one round still completely missed because I was getting a little to quick on the trigger for no reason. The drill isnt about speed but technique and I still tried to push it.

Either way, I think I got the most out of the 50 rounds and will be back at the range next week with a couple of hundred rounds to really work.