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7.62x39 shortage! Don't believe the hype!

There's already a large segment of the gun community (consumers, companies, and media) who are promoting that the current crisis with Russia is going to cause a worldwide shortage of 7.62 ammo and causing a run on the ammo.

As MAC over at The Bang Switch already pointed out here 7.62x39 is made in quite a few countries worldwide and the companies importing and distributing the ammo already have contingency plans in place with other factories.

Why? Because it doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out you need a backup plan when dealing with imports from Russia.

Regardless of what transpires with Russia the only substantial threat to the price of AK ammo is the gun community. We all know that a favored tactic is to create a panic to boost sales and to fuel that panic. Look at 22LR. Why is there a shortage? Because it's a self fulfilling prophecy. If you say there's no more ammo to get, people will buy and stockpile everything they find.

I'll stick to Chuck D and Public Enemy's advice on this one... Don't believe the hype!