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Caracal: Fool me once...

When Caracal came out with their F, C, and S model pistols a few years ago I was as giddy as can be. It seemed like the best of the Glock / Steyr lineage from a new company and an innovative sighting system with their Quick Sights.

I fell for it and was anxiously waiting for one to hit the shelves nearby so I could get my hands on it and have my new wonder pistol.

Lucky for me, none of the local gun stores ever got one in. I'd have paid for it - and paid a premium if they were charging one. Of course, it was only a few short months later that this picture was posted on

It seems the two-piece slide (something neither Caracal nor any of the reviewers mentioned anywhere) wasn't as sturdy as expected. Common sense would have made that obvious, but engineers always think they know better than logic. Caracal then took the drastic action of recalling all of their handguns from circulation. This was not a recall for repairs but a recall for either a full refund or a voucher for another Caracal product. That's right, they said the handgun design was beyond salvaging.

Now Caracal's back with a new line of pistols to replace the recalled models. I'm still digging the styling of the weapons (I'm a big fan of front serrations - more on this in our interview with Dom Raso), the technology, and most importantly I'm looking for a new handgun to buy.

All that said, there's no way I'm making the plunge on the new line of Caracal's until they have been proven to be KABOOM free for a long time. I value my hands way too much for that drama.