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Mike Lamb talks girls, guns, and hood rat shit

It's pretty easy for me to sit here and tell guys how to treat women at the range. Half the time it falls on deaf ears because who actually listens to women when it doesn't involve "what you want on your sandwich?" Fortunately for me the incredible Mike Lamb is our in house basic safety, home defense pistol and shotgun instructor.

For those who don't know, Mike Lamb is the host of Trigger Time TV, and the founder of Stoic Ventures. A former United States Marine, Mike served as both an enlisted Marine and an officer. He served as a Force Recon Marine as well as in some of the government's top intelligence agencies around the world. Following 13 years of service in the Marine Corps, Mike was medically retired. After his honorable discharge, Mike was recruited to work for Magpul Industries Corp and Magpul Dynamics as the Director of Military Operations and one of the plank holders for Magpul Dynamics.

Mike has taken his experiences in the government as well as private sector to help streamline the community and dedicated training toward helping the “good guys” become better prepared for the worst case scenario. Aside from basic safety classes, Stoic Ventures also has introductory pistol, carbine and shotgun classes for women.

Mike was able to give me a few minutes of his time to talk about men and women in the gun world and other advice for shooters. He has see everything you could possible imagine on and off the range. Here are a few of the tips and advice that he has to share with me.

When interacting with women at the range "I treat them like strangers, but train them like they have my back. If you go in to adjust their grip or whatever I tell them before I touch them. Also I explain the why. Women are critical thinkers they want to know how and why things work, so I tell them". Being a shooter of the female persuasion I can agree and support that line of thought. As much as women want to be treated the same as men, we want to be treated differently because we are women. Simple, right?

We have all seen "that guy" at the range the one that knows everything, read every forum, every article ever written and has shot everything. " Leave your ego at the door bro and be honest with yourself ". You will never grow as a shooter if you don't take a step back evaluated yourself and listen to what others have to offer.

Out of everything Mike offers and teaches, some of the biggest concepts the wants people to understand and take from his classes are:

- Pulling your gun to defend yourself doesn't always mean you're out of trouble. Or, as Mike put it, (motions as he pulls his trigger finger in the air) "does not always solve your problems".

- Be prepared mentally and emotionally for a home invasion. Also "coordinate with people you live with". Know who's doing what, going to where, and know your exits.

- "You can never take a bullet back."

As we were speaking about preparedness and situational awareness, Mike recalled a story of when he was clearing a room and he "had a CNS (central nervous system) shot and the guy dropped like a sack of potato and I didn't believe he was actually dead. Nothing in my train anywhere had prepared me for that. I walked up to the body fell to the floor. I completely forgot about the rest of the room and anything could have happened to me."

Mike could go on and on for hours about the things with the things he knows and has seen. It added a bit of excitement talking with Mike and getting a glimpse inside of his world. He left me with a parting thought that I will never forget.. "I like to do hood rat shit". So now every time I pass a bush or a street light goes out I wonder if Mike is out there in his ghillie suit poppin' caps in fools.

A law enforcement family brat, Barbie Quinn works at a gun range in California, has been shooting since she was 12 years old, and has been a female her entire life (something you have to specify in California). Her experience dealing with both federal and California firearms regulation makes for a unique perspective in the gun world.