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Defensive Gun Use Report - April 2014

April's Defensive Gun Use Report is a few weeks late due to a family tragedy. Thank you to everyone for their kind words and actions.

This is going to be a shorter than typical DGU report because we're under a time crunch for May's report. That said, April was an interesting month and there are some really interesting stories from interesting places.

For the ADD crowd, here's the short version: Bad guys got shot, yo.

Just kidding, here goes:
Defensive gun uses in NY, NJ, MA, and CT
Chicago's first concealed carry DGU
Wheelchair bound man shoots an intruder
A fed-up senior citizen baiting intruders to his home and opening fire
• The jewelry store owners who got robbed, got trained, and stopped the next robbery

• 102 total Defensive Gun Uses reported in April

For those of you with a grown-up attention span, let's do a quick refresher on the ground rules for the report:

We can only cover stories the stories we find
Yes, defensive gun uses happen multiple times every day. No, we can't report on every single one. Why? Because a story has to make it into the media for one of our over 200 daily searches to find it. Most news organizations, including conservative outlets, don't find defensive gun uses to be serious news.

We only include clear cut self defense cases
This one is pretty clear cut. If it's questionable, it's not a DGU for the purposes of this report.

Shootings by on duty police officers aren't DGU's
Simply put, on duty officers are responding to calls, are in touch with dispatch, and are aware that an armed confrontation is possible. That's not the same as people going about their everyday activities, so we don't consider it a defensive gun use.

New York, Massachusetts, and Connecticut... Oh my!

The tri-state area is known for having some of the most restrictive gun laws in the nation and a penchant for coming up with even more ridiculous ideas on how to limit gun rights while doing absolutely nothing to reduce crime. In a typical month nothing about defensive gun use gets reported in the Northeast so a month when we have stories out of the area deserves mention.

[New York] April 14th - A Buffalo area pizza delivery driver was attacked by multiple men, struck in the head with a hammer... and he drew his concealed handgun and opened fire, wounding one of the attackers.

[Massachusetts] April 16th - Despite having a shotgun pointed at his face, one of the mythical unicorns of Massachusetts - a concealed carry licensee - drew his .357 Magnum and opened fire.
[Fun fact: The headline for this story is: Lynn teen faces murder charge after alleged accomplice shot and killed. That's what you get when the media doesn't want to mention good guys with guns.]

[Connecticut] April 19th - Two armed punks tried their luck with an armed combat veteran. Any guess how this ended?

Chicago's first concealed carry defensive gun use

Concealed carry permits started being mailed out to Chicago area residents in the middle of March. How long did it take for the first defensive gun use by a concealed carrier?

[Illinois] April 5 - Yup, April 5th. As two thugs blocked the walkway to his home, they learned the hard way that Chicagoans are starting to get their rights back. I guess they missed the news.

Top defensive gun use stories of the month

[Oklahoma] April 3rd - A wheelchair bound homeowner saw a man enter his back yard and approach his rear window. The trespasser reached into his waistband and began to pull out a gun. The homeowner drew from his wheelchair mounted holster and fired a single shot. The trespasser decided it was time to leave the property.

[Alabama] April 13th - After being burglarized twice in two weeks, an elderly man parked two blocks away, left the lights off, and waited in his living room with his handgun. It didn't take long for a thug to learn he had the wrong house.

[Texas] April 28th - Instant karma as criminals try to rob a woman and get confronted by a concealed carrier. They ended up being pulled out of their car and held, face down on the ground, at gunpoint.

[Pennsylvania] April 29th - A couple returned to their home and encountered five masked intruders inside their home. A brief gunfight left the homeowner wounded and left one of the intruders dead.

[Michigan] April 22nd - After being robbed in 2010, two jewelry store owners decided to get armed and get training. It paid off when multiple armed intruders tried to rob the store. This time the outcome was different.

We found a total of 102 Defensive Gun Uses this month, with news agencies in 32 states reporting at least 1 DGU for the month. Texas leads the way (as always) with 15 while Michigan broke 10 DGU's in a month for the first time. Rounding out the top 5 this month were Ohio (8), California (6), and Alabama (6).

We can't stress enough is that these are only the stories we are able to find in the news. If you hear of stories local to you or anywhere, send them to us so that we can continue to expand the database.

If you are a law enforcement officer, please send us any stories of defensive gun uses that you hear of. We are trying to add a section to the report showing just how often defensive gun use goes unreported. We will not disclose where we heard the information and will verify data from police reports through public affairs offices.