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Epitome of Stupdity: Todd Locey and the pistol waving selfie in Target

UPDATE: Todd decided to take down most of his videos. Luckily, I have copies. I'll be posting them again momentarily. Okay, they are up, Enjoy.

You really can't get much dumber that Todd Locey. Yes, he posted the picture above to Target's Facebook page using the name Todd Lo, but his name is Todd Locey and I believe he officially announced his candidacy for dumbest gun owner alive.

When you take an open carry picture so half-witted that Open Carry Texas immediately denounces it publicly... you've crossed a certain threshold. It may be possible that the only word you can speak is "Hodor".

Now, we pause for a musical interlude from Todd Locey when he was the aspiring rapper Low*Sea back in Florida. Check out how badass he is with "dem gatz":

Based on that lyrical gift, I can't imagine why Todd didn't make it as a rapper. I don't think we need to discuss this moron in too much detail so, let's just cover some basic etiquette for gun rights in the social media realm.

Things not to do when taking a selfie with your gun at a store and talking about your gun rights on the internet:

1 - Take your gun out of the holster (or your rifle off your back if you're dumb enough to be wearing a rifle to do this).

2 - Hold your gun up with the muzzle not far from flagging a small child (even if you are using the small child to shield yourself from being seen by people passing by).

3 - Post the picture to the Facebook page of a company that just asked gun owners not to bring their guns because of the actions of people who, thanks to Todd Locey, are no longer the dumbest gun owners out there.

Screw it, let's keep this simple. Don't be a hypocrite. You care so much about your rights? Then respect the private property rights of Target and respect their wishes. If you disagree with their "request", then shop somewhere else.

Sooner or later actions like this will lead to someone like Locey getting shot by another concealed carrier. Ask yourself this - if you were with your family and saw someone with a gun in their hand inside a store, how would you respond?

Would you blow it off as no big deal? Not a chance. You'd either take cover, flee the store, or go for your gun. That's the reality of what actions like this lead to. Remember, a good guy with a gun and a troublemaker with a gun look exactly the same until something happens.


Todd's LinkedIn page:
Todd's Facebook page:

More YouTube video's of Low*Sea. I'm particularly fond of the first one showcasing his glamorous life as a "hip hop star".