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Defensive Gun Use Report - June 2014

Lies, lies, lies. That's what Bloomberg and his minion Shannon Watts must think about the defensive gun use report. You can't spin reality like you can spin numbers. American's defend themselves, their families, and their friends using a firearm each and every day.

More importantly, American's use those same firearms to protect their neighbors and even random strangers. Just something else Mom's Demand Action says "never happens".

As always, we're going to cover the basic ground rules of the report and then get into the stories:

We can only cover stories the stories we find
Despite the fact that they happen every day, Defensive Gun Use are rarely covered in the media and, when covered, they are often hard to find. The typical story only gets local coverage, sometimes as little as a small blurb in the local paper. Despite over 250 individuals searches each day, we can't find every story.

If you see a defensive gun use story and would like to help make this report as comprehensive as possible, send it to us through the Contact Us form below, through e-mail (, or through Facebook.

Thanks to everyone who contacted us with a story this month - your help is appreciated.

We only include clear cut self defense cases
Yes, we leave some stories off because they are ambiguous or simply don't have enough information to call them defensive gun uses. Since most DGU stories receive minimal coverage we do our best to get to the facts in the case.

Everyday Heroes & Good Guys with Guns
Or... what Michael Bloomberg doesn't believe is real

Concealed carrier confronts cop killers - Two deranged killers ambushed and murdered two Las Vegas, Nevada police officers as they ate lunch. The killers then left the restaurant and approached the nearby Walmart.

Seeing one of the killers holding a gun in his hand and realizing that everyone inside the store was at risk, concealed carrier Joe Wilcox drew his gun and confronted the killers.

Man threatens to kill everyone in park, Armed father engages - On June 10th a Huntsville, Alabama man went to the local skate park with his two sons. At the park they ran into a "photographer" taking near-pornographic pictures with scantily clad women.

When the father asked them if this was the right place for that kind of shoot, the "photographer" went to his car, grabbed a Tec-9 and said "I will kill everybody here".

The dad confronted the man and saved a lot of lives. This is really a must read story of a good guy with a gun.

Concealed carrier witnesses Craigslist robbery, draws gun and ends it - An employee of a store inside Stroud Mall in Pennsylvania was on his break when he witnessed what turned out to be a Craigslist transaction turned robbery. The employee, a licensed concealed carrier, drew his gun and confronted the robber.

Man hears neighbor scream, engages murder suspect -Roger Lowery woke to chilling screams late June 10th. When he went to investigate he found a man beating a woman on his porch. The man had already murdered a family member that night and the woman was Roger's neighbor.

Roger grabbed his .38 revolver and got involved, saving the woman's life.

Gunman opens fire at high school reunion, stopped by good guy with a gun -A man entered a high school class reunion and opened fire, killing his ex-wife and her boyfriend. Before the man could fire another shot, a patron of the restaurant drew a handgun and fired several rounds into the attacker.

The patron, an off-duty officer, has caused gun control advocates to say this doesn't count as a good guy with a gun. Go figure.

Man shoots at two men attacking an elderly neighbor - After robbing a senior citizen earlier in the night, a Pennsylvania hoodlum came back for more. When the senior citizen fought back, the two men attacked him. A neighbor heard the commotion, grabbed his handgun, and opened fire.

Armed bystander stops robbery, saves victim - On June 16th an unidentified bystander came across two armed men robbing another man. As they ordered the man to lay down on the ground, the bystander drew his weapon and opened fire.

One of the criminals was struck in the neck causing both men to flee the scene.

Top 10 Defensive Gun Uses for June 2014

Burglar trapped when homeowner grabs shotgun, sits on ATV - A Michigan man returned home to see a strange ATV in the driveway and his front door screen slashed open.

He grabbed his shotgun, sat on the ATV, and yelled out for the burglar to surrender.

Tear drops and devil horns aren't bulletproof - A professional criminal with tattoo teardrops and tattoo devil horns broke into a Kokomo, Indiana residence. The homeowner heard the intruder, grabbed a handgun and confronted the criminal.

After a brief physical altercation, the homeowner pressed the trigger and ended the criminals career.

Daughter held at gunpoint, parents grab guns - A Missouri man saw his daughter get grabbed and held with a gun to her head. As the two armed thugs started forcing her to the house, the man and his wife grabbed handguns and opened fire.

Both criminals were struck and the daughter was unharmed.

Vietnam vet draws gun, stops robbery, gets fired - A Vietnam veteran was working as a store clerk in Vermont when a man walked in with a 5 inch knife and demanded money. Instead of money, the veteran pulled out a .380 handgun and told the would-be robber to get the (expletive) out of the store.

The store fired the veteran for carrying a gun in violation of store policy. "That store has been robbed eight or nine times and I always work nights,” he said. I’m a firm believer in having a gun and not needing it rather than the other way around. I can always find a new job."

Thief grabs lawnmower, homeowner grabs shotgun - A Georgia criminal was going door to door in the early morning to see who was home. Finding a home with no answer, he broke into a shed and began loading his truck.

The homeowner was home, he just didn't want to answer the door. The thief found it out the hard way when he was looking down a shotgun barrel.

It's not GTA 5, kid - A Macon, Georgia thug found out that life isn't the same as Grand Theft Auto. Having stolen a car to go for a joyride with a girl he wanted to impress, the criminal got tired of it and decided to upgrade by stealing a different car.

Unlike video games, the "upgrade" cars owner was home... and armed.

Female store owner draws gun, kills knife-wielding robber - In West Philadelphia born and raised on the play... oh, right, DGU report. A West Philadelphia store owner found herself with a knife to her chest while a criminal robbed the store.

Unbeknownst to the criminal, the store owner was a former Secret Service agent. She drew her handgun and fired, mortally wounded the man.

Son grabs handgun, defends mom from drunk boyfriend - When a Memphis, Tennessee drunk came home and started yet another fight with his girlfriend he got more than he bargained for. While berating the woman the drunk grabbed a wrench and a hammer and told her he would kill her and kill her son.

The son disagreed. He grabbed a handgun and started shooting at the drunk boyfriend while he and his mother fled.

Father gets stabbed, shoots daughters stalker - Raiveon Wooden had recently been dumped by his Chino Hills, California girlfriend and had begun stalking her. After breaking into her house armed with a knife, he was confronted by the girl's father.

Wooden attacked the father, stabbing him. The father defended himself with a handgun, shooting Wooden twice in the chest.

Thug gets gun from car, concealed carrier gets gun from holster - During a family cookout at a public park near Yakima, Washington another park visitor was visibly agitated and repeatedly tried to start fights with family members. As a late arriving guest arrived, the agitated man started picking a fight again and said he was going to get his gun from his car. He did.

As he returned from his car with the gun in his hand, he learned that the late arriving guest was a concealed carrier. The guest drew his gun and fired three times, striking with all three rounds.

The Wrap Up

The king has fallen. For the first month in the history of this report, Texas isn't in the top spot. Worse yet, they turned the title over to California. Whether that's because Texas criminals are getting tired of getting shot, because ammunition got more expensive, or because the news isn't covering them like before is something we'll have to wait to see.

We covered a total of 98 defensive gun use stories for June 2014. Thirty two states had at least one defensive gun use and seven states showing more than five reports. The top five states were California and Pennsylvania with 8 each and Texas, Tennessee, and Florida with 6 each.

I'll leave you with two of my favorite defensive gun use stories that just didn't make the list but made me chuckle.

You're not Batman! - On June 27th, a man wearing a Batman mask approached an elderly Michigan woman while she worked in her garden. He put his arm around the woman and began pushing her towards the house. After she said her husband was upstairs with a shotgun, the masked crusader fled. I not certain, but I don't think it was really Batman.

Duck Hunt for the win - While playing video games an Oakland, Pennsylvania man saw an intruder in his house. He stopped the intruder and held him at gunpoint until police could arrive. What kind of gun? A gun for playing video games with.