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Defensive Gun Use Report - August 2014

The Defensive Gun Use Report, where we delve beyond gun use statistics. This is where we remind everyone that for all the gun control advocates bashing, for all the celebrities hypocritically attacking guns, and for all the politicians jumping at any opportunity to push gun control - law abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors each and every day in this great nation of ours.

This month: Teenagers with guns, everyday heroes, and naked defensive gun use?!? We'll cover all of those a little more in depth as we get into it but lets start with some basic ground rules. There are some limitations to what we can cover as far as defensive gun use such as:

We cover what gets reported in the media

While we scour the news wires each and every day (three times a day) and are currently running more than 300 individual searches each time, many defensive gun uses get either a small blurb that is difficult to find or simply are never reported in the media. I'll never understand why every person shot by a criminal is newsworthy but people defending themselves from criminals aren't.

The spike in reporting from Detroit over the last few months likely had less to do with higher incidence of defensive gun use than it did with news outlets seeing the stories get good ratings and running them more frequently.

Thanks to a few more search optimizations and the help of eagle-eyed fans we covered a record-setting 112 defensive gun uses in the media this month. Thanks again to everyone who sent in a tip.

We only include clear cut self defense cases
This one causes us to make some judgement calls each month. I'd rather not let someone cherry pick one example from the report and try to discredit all of it (not that it would work, except among those with their opinion already made against guns and gun rights). The sheer volume of clear cut incidents speaks clearly enough.

On to the report.


High school football captain grabs gun, saves family
Hendersonville, Tennessee - Connor Brush, a high school senior and co-captain of his high school football team saved the day when his mother's ex-boyfriend-turned-stalker broke into the house, and waited to ambush the family.

Connor grabbed a handgun and exchanged gunfire with the stalker while his mother and siblings escaped.

14-year-old defends mother, kills abusive boyfriend
Locust Fork, Alabama - A 14-year-old and his mother returned home to find her abusive boyfriend sitting in the living room. Despite having been arrested earlier that day, the boyfriend walked 7 miles, broke into the home, and attacked the woman and her son when they arrived. The teen's quick thinking and familiarity with firearms averted a tragedy.

15-year-old fires shotgun, sends intruders running
Sarasota, Florida - A 15-year-old was home alone when he heard intruders inside his home. The teen grabbed a shotgun and fired a single warning shot. That sent the intruders running for safety.

Pistol packing intruders vs shotgun toting teenager
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - A 19-year-old and his 17-year-old girlfriend were home when men forced entry armed with handguns. The 19-year-old was able to get to his shotgun and fire 3 times. 1 dead criminal, 1 wounded criminal, 2 people lucky he had his shotgun.

Teen brothers chase naked home invader from home at gunpoint
Muscle Shoals, Alabama - Two teenagers were able to grab their father's gun and run off a naked home invader in the middle of the day.

(Side note: This will not be the last naked person involved in a defensive gun use in this report. On the plus side, there are no pictures of any of these encounters and we can all be thankful for that.)


Armed doctor stops mass shooting
Darby, Pennsylvania - A psychiatrist's will to put his own safety over hospital policy stopped a mass shooting at Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital. A mentally unstable man smuggled a gun into the hospital to cause mayhem. He shot and killed his caseworker and then turned his gun on the doctor.

In violation of hospital policy, the doctor had his licensed handgun in his desk. Despite being shot twice, he grabbed his gun and returned fire, averting what law enforcement believes was a planned mass shooting.

The Chief of Police said, "without a doubt, I believe the doctor saved lives."

Good guys with guns: Samaritan sees stabbing, grabs gun, stops attack
Orange County, Florida - A concealed carrier was driving to work when he witnessed a man start stabbing a senior citizen in front of the senior citizen center. The concealed carrier stopped his car, drew his gun and ended the attack - likely saving the senior citizen's life.

Concealed carrier shoots carjacker, breaks open carjacking ring for police
Milwaukee, Wisconsin - When a 15-year-old tried to carjack a woman with a concealed carry permit he received a life lesson - actions have consequences. The wounded teen's arrest led police to a ring of carjackers thus making the city safer.

As one victim of the carjacking ring said, "That's the price you pay when you victimize a woman who has a concealed carry permit."

Welcome to concealed carry: Soldier takes cover, returns fire on Chicago thugs
Chicago, Illinois - A United States soldier and licensed concealed carrier introduced some Chicago area thugs to armed citizens. After leaving a Fourth of July (Independence Day) party, the soldier and his friends were confronted by a nearby group of thugs.

When the thugs started shooting, the soldier took cover, grabbed his handgun, and returned fire. His fire got the thugs to take cover and allowed the soldier and his friends to get into their vehicles and escape.

Talk about fireworks on the Fourth of July.


"He was probably surprised I didn't have anything on, but the gun was an even bigger surprise."
Everett, Washington - When two strangers pulled onto Steve Winnie's property late at night, he looked out the window and saw they were armed. Steve grabbed his gun, snuck up behind the men and disarmed them - a .45 caliber Glock from one and a 12-gauge shotgun from the other.

Fun fact: The two armed trespassers had a combined 13 felony convictions between them and were on the run from police for an armed robbery they committed less than an hour earlier.

"I have a tattoo of the grim reaper, my hair is sticking up all crazy and I’m naked. I’m not sure if (the burglar) was more afraid of me or the gun."
Georgetown, Texas -After waking up from a flashlight beam moving through his house, a Texan made sure his wife was beside him and then grabbed his gun. With his 9mm handgun in hand he confronted an intruder. The intruder simply said, "I'm sorry, sir" before running away and jumping out a window to escape.

"Shotgun, underwear and no shoes or nothing"
Peoria, Arizona - A rodeo champion and firefighter was woken by his girlfriend after she heard someone inside the house. He grabbed his shotgun, racked the slide, and the intruder fired a single round in his direction before fleeing the house. He gave chase in the latest of defensive gun use fashion... "shotgun, underwear and no shoes or nothing".


Wheelchair bound man engages intruder, saves girlfriend and her daughter
Easley, South Carolina - A wheelchair bound man, his girlfriend, and her daughter came home to find an armed intruder inside the house. The wheelchair bound man drew his gun and exchanged fire with the intruder.

Better than the movies: Bruce Gunn of Gunpowder Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana - Bruce Gunn of Gunpowder Drive witnessed his brother-in-law, a man with a history of domestic violence charges, attack his sister and his nephew. If your name is Bruce Gunn and you live on Gunpowder Drive there's only one way to respond, right?

Grandmother grabs 9mm, shoots intruder in the head to defend granddaughter
Pritchard, Alabama - Alone with her granddaughter, 63-year-old Phyllis Law heard the sounds of someone trying to break into her home. She grabbed her 9mm handgun and an extra magazine and then told her granddaughter to hide in the closet.

When she came face to face with an intruder she opened fire, striking him in the head. A second intruder then tried to escape and Phyllis shot two rounds at him.

Armed combat veteran saves brother, stops armed teenage intruder
New London, Connecticut - A combat veteran heard grabbed his gun when he heard his brother yell 'Kevin, I need help. He has a gun.' The combat veteran was able to hold the teenage intruder, who was armed with an old cowboy style six-shooter, at gunpoint for police to arrive.

How to protect the children: Intruder killed, father wounded defending son
Zanesville, Ohio - A gunfight broke out between a 39-year-old female intruder and a 34-year-old homeowner defending his young son. Police arrived to find both wounded and the son unharmed.

To Everytown for Gun Safety, Moms Demand Action, and Mayor Bloomberg - this is how you protect the kids. Not with slogans but with actions.

Man uses .45 caliber handgun to defend mother from hammer wielding attacker
Leesburg, Indiana - After an intruder threatened him and his mother with a hammer, a good son grabbed his .45 caliber handgun and sent the intruder running. As the intruder fled, he tried to run the son over at which point the son opened fire into the car.

Homeowner sees intruder at his mother's bedroom door, opens fire
Twin Falls, Idaho - Hearing noises in the living room, a homeowner grabbed his handgun and peeked out his door. The homeowner saw two intruders, one of whom was at his mother's bedroom door. He engaged the two crooks and sent them fleeing. At least one of them left a blood trail leading away from the house.

1 criminal, 1 hour, 2 defensive gun uses
Ray, Minnesota - A mentally unstable man broke into a rural home early in the morning and was met by an armed homeowner. In that confrontation, the homeowner buttstroked the intruder so hard he broke the stock on his shotgun.

The intruder fled but decided to try his luck again just 8 miles down the road. This time he forced his way into a 72-year-old woman's home and began attacking her. The woman's son saw the attack, grabbed his handgun, and saved his mother.


Columbus, Georgia - After being robbed the night before, a single mom kept her handgun and her daughter near. When she heard someone trying to steal her car she went outside, ordered him to stop, and opened fire. She followed this up with what may be the best Facebook status update we've seen:

Well, the douche came back to steal my jeep tonight....I don't think he expected me to have a gun. All is well, for the most part, but if anyone can help me out with a car or carseat I'd appreciate it. Mine has bullet holes all over it, a little bit of blood, and is being stored for evidence.


We were able to find a total of 112 defensive gun uses this month. Of those 112 defensive gun uses, the attacker was killed 26 times. The person defending themselves or their family was killed in 1 incident.

Defensive gun uses were reported in 35 states, with 28 states reporting multiple defensive gun uses. Texas reported the highest number of incidents with 13, followed by Florida (10), Alabama (7), Pennsylvania (6), and South Carolina (5).

If you see a defensive gun use story and would like to help make this report as comprehensive as possible, please submit it via Facebook, e-mail (, or the Contact Us page at the bottom of our site.