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Kel-Tec pf9 FTE - Failure To Eject problems and Fix

So your Kel-Tec pf9 is failing to eject? Join the club. But with a little DIY power, there is hope. Read on.

I included some images to help with the process. I bought my kel-tec early July of 2012. I took it to the range the next day and put about 20 rounds through it before my first failure. No biggie. Gun needs a break in period right? After that, I got at least one failure per mag until ultimately every round was failing to eject properly. WTF? So I go home and find more people complaining about this on forums, namely where some good advice helped push me in the right direction.

Many people said they solved the problem by tightening the ejector spring screw which apparently comes lose easily. On inspection of my gun, I found that it was extremely loose and the spring was rattling around in the groove it was supposed to be snug in. So with the alan wrench provided in the keltec box i tighened down the screw so that it and the spring were as tight as they could be. I took the gun back to the range the next day. Sure enough, I was able to get a couple of magazines down range before ejection failures started. So i checked the screw. Again, it was loose, though not as bad as when it was failing left and right before. So I tightened the screw again at the range and put a few more rounds down range.

I was still getting at least 1 or 2 ejection failures per mag. Checking the screw often, I found that FTEs would, though not as often, occur even if the screw was tight. This was disheartening. I bought this gun to carry and now I had no faith in it. So I sent Kel-Tec an email via the contact form on their website to see what the next step was. I was extremely pleased with the urgency which Kel-Tec dealt with my problem. I got an email 2 days later from "Erika" explaining that they were sending me a new ejector kit and to try it out before sending the gun in (she said it could take 8 weeks to get the gun back if i sent it in). I received the new ejector kit in the mail free of charge about 4 days later. Thats great service from Kel-Tec so far as I am concerned. The kit included a new ejector, ejector spring and a new screw which had some kind of prelock tight goo on it for good measure. The color of the ejector did not match the color of the previous one nor did the spring, but it used to be chrome on a chrome slide. The black they sent me on the chrome slide looks slick so I had no complaints really.

Anyhow, with renewed hope, I changed out the ejector and ejector spring. I used the old screw however because i did not want to lock tight down the scenario until I was certain the problem was solved. So I took the gun to the range and guess what? Same problem. still failing to eject...even after making sure the screw was tight. Not as bad...but still enough failures to leave me without confidence in this gun for carry. A bit more reading on thektog forums and I find a guy who said he had success stacking a new ejector spring on top of the old one. He also suggested finding a longer screw although I had no idea why at the time. So doubling up on the spring as suggested, I took the gun BACK to the range the next day. While consistently making sure the screw was tight, I fired a couple of magazines down range without a problem. Then my buddy tries the gun and gets a misfire...uh oh. So we chamber a few more rounds and all were misfires. Looking at the became clear that they were not being hit. So we examine the gun and find that the firing pin has left the building. Luckily it didn't go far and I found it on the floor nearby where we were shooting.

Now I get why you need a longer screw. The screw not only holds the ejector springs down, but it goes into the firing pin chamber and acts as a wedge to keep the firing pin from doing exactly what it did...flying out the back of the gun. The extra millimeter of screw taken up by the second ejector spring made the screw short enough that the firing pin could slide past it and out the back of the pin chamber. awesome. The good news is...until this happened...there wasnt a single failure to a longer screw should solve the problem.

A trip to home depot provided a 6-32 hex screw with a length of 1 inch. I actually bought a few in case I didnt get the cut right at the first time. Using a dremel, I cut the screw to be about 1 millimeter longer than the original screw. Too short and the firing pin ejection could occur. Too long and I imagine the screw might just lock the firing pin in place making it completely useless. I also used the dremel to sand down the jags on the end of the screw and kind of round it off. I didnt want any jagged edges to tear up the firing pin as it bounces back and forth against the end of the screw. I then put the firing pin back in place making sure that the groove the screw is supposed to work with was facing the direction of the screw. I kept my finger on the firing pin to keep it from rotating while i put the 2 ejector springs back on and put the new longer screw in. Lets hope this works!

The next day, I took the pf9 to the range and fired 50 rounds without a single failure. The screw stayed pretty tight although I did tighten it a couple of times...I knew some lock tight would solve that problem utimately. It was an expensive week for ammo getting this thing working right, but 50 rounds without any failures has definitely raised my confidence to where I will carry the pf9 now. I will obviously be putting more rounds through it in the future to see what ammo works well but im content to carry until then. So if you are having kel-tec pf9 FTE problems,

I hope this helps you get your gun in working condition. It really is a good gun for the money and probably worth a little bit of work to get it functioning properly. I am now excited to see what else we can do to it. A great post on do it yourself fiber optic sights for the PF9 convinced me to order the parts. I'll let you know how it goes! Check out the pics below to see my process for fixing the FTE and thanks to the guys on for making their experience and knowledge available to me so I could solve this issue.

Here is a picture of the slide with the 2 ejector springs I will use...also you can see the screw provided in the kit kel-tec sent me that I would ultimately not be using as it is too short.

Here is a picture of the shorter original screw compared to the longer one I cut from a 1 inch 6-32 screw I bought at home depot. I dont know if you can buy that screw the right size, but making it wasnt that difficult.

This picture shows the squared out groove in the firing pin. That is the groove the end of the screw will sit in to keep the firing pin from flying out the back of the gun. The screw in the picture here is simply holding the firing pin in the right position for this picture...its placement in the picture has nothing to do with its purpose.

This picture shows the firing pin being reinserted into the firing pin chamber (make sure the spring is in there too). Notice how the groove is facing towards the ejector side of the slide. Make sure as you put the pin all the way in the chamber that it does not rotate the groove to the other side or you will lock your firing pin in the chamber when you put the ejector screw in making the gun non functional.

These next pictures show the process of putting the ejector, and the double springs in.

Hope this helps! Remember. I am not a professional gunsmith or anything...just a guy who wanted his gun to work right. So understand that anything you do to your firearm is at your own risk. I take no responsibility for any harm that comes to you or your gun as a result of me passing this found information on to you. Plus, i am pretty poor and have nothing you want.

About the Author:
Michael is a career programmer who started easy bake gun club with his friends when they couldn't go shooting because of the great ammo shortage of 2012. When he isn't writing code or shooting guns, he can be found playing video games or recording sissy new wave nerd rock.