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The 5 customers that drive gun store employees crazy

I enjoy my job, I enjoy teaching people about guns and how to shoot, I enjoy the environment and I actually enjoy going home smelling like gun power.  

Sadly, just like every other customer based industry, there are types of customers that I could do without.  Not  to say they are bad people - they are very special customers - but some days I don't have the time or the energy to interact with them.  We get all walks of life in that the range; some of which have are just plain irritating.

The Ultimate Home Defender:

This is the guy or gal that comes in and want to be able to land the "perfect kill  shot for when someone breaks in to my home."  Here in California, there are very clear cut regulations of what constitutes home defense.  Trespassing does NOT justify opening fire on someone who is on your properly or in your home.  You have to prove clear life and physical danger to ones life in order to open fire and call it self defense. So telling me, and anyone else willing to listen, that you "wanna be able to kill someone Bin Laden style" does not make me want to help you. I am not going to teach you the perfect head shot (that's not even my job), but it does make me want to explain how self defense works in California then help another customer, preferably someone a little less "hopeful" about a defensive gun use situation.

The Weekend Warriors:

Theses people come in on the weekends after church or because they couldn't think of anything to do except either go shooting or go bowling. They don't care about my safety rules, they don't care about their own safety, they are worse than children.  After I tell them 3 times to close the bay doors, I want to hit them on the nose with a rolled up target like a bad dog.  Or when they come to me complaining that I "gave me a broken gun, it keeps jamming."  No, it's not broken, you just were not listening when I told you how to hold the gun properly and yes I'm still going to charge for the rental fee.

Mr. Politics:

The hair pulling part of this guy is that you never know when he'll show up, but when he does all you can do is walk away and hope someone else gets trapped in the time suck.  He wants to talk about some bill he read or some interview that her heard 0.2 seconds of and then bitch and complain about how "this state is going down quick...  if things don't get better I'm going to leave...  What do you think about what's going on in congress?"  

It's not my job to know what Congress is thinking, doing or what they are going to do in the future. I'm not a soothsayer, I know as much as you.  I'm here to rent guns, sell guns and look cute - that's it.  I don't care about your political views, I don't want to share mine with you and if you think the state is in that bad of shape then leave.  Save it for your next NRA meeting because I have no time for it and I couldn't care less about it.

The High Maintenance Customer:

It's all about you and your purchase, nothing else in the world is more important than this very moment and this gun that you must have.  I fully believe that a customer is very important, however don't get upset with me when you can in unprepared; not having your correct documents needed to purchase a firearm or getting huffy about not being able to buy 22LR or reloading power then grill me about being out of stock.  I can't control purchasing patterns or new regulations. Also if one of my colleagues was unable to meet your very high standards, that does not give you the right to say bad things about them to me.  Also calling in a week before your pick up date "to make sure that the box of 22 that you talked about with whom I can't remember is with my gun so I don't have to wait as long in line."  You make me wanna smack you, stop it. Stop it.

As bad as all of those were I would gladly take all of them at once over the last type of range customer.  The one costumer we can't stand is the:

One of You Regulars

Now this guy won't be so bad IF he wasn't typically a D-bag. Just because you have had a few personal conversations with me, we have the same likes in guns, you do all your private parties here and you always buy your new gun here with (which is once a year) "because we're the best man."  Every times you come in you ask for free stuff, you go in employee only areas which makes others think it's OK to be there, not only do you break my safety rules but when I call you on it I get this half asses "oh yeah sorry i forgot." followed by a bone head laugh.  You're the reason I pretend to be doing something important when you walk in.  Just stop! you're not my homies, we are not buddies.. you don't spend enough for the entitlement you think you deserve.

If you're this guy please stop I beg you please just stop.  Unless we ask you about your gun, we don't care to hear about it.  If we are giving you once to two word answers we don't care about what is coming out of your mouth. Just come in shoot, pay your bill, browse around, then leave.  You can't leave my store soon enough.

There is it the worse customers who come to a gun range. If any of these sound familiar to you he you may want to reconsider how you act and conduct yourself at the range.

A law enforcement family brat, Barbie Quinn works at a gun range in California, has been shooting since she was 12 years old, and has been a female her entire life (something you have to specify in California). Her experience dealing with both federal and California firearms regulation makes for a unique perspective in the gun world.