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New Gun Search Problems

This weekend I almost bought a new gun at 9.11 Tactical in Hollywood, FL. I mean, really close to doing it. Considering I was just out to buy chicken wings to take home for the Dolphin game; it could have been a very expensive detour. "Since we are driving right by, why not stop and take a peek in the store". Thanks Jason.

Now. What to do? What to do?

Do I want a new sub-compact carry?

I like the S&W M&P 9c based on all the reviews. I'm already a fan of the M&P’s. It should be easy to handle since it basically is a miniaturized version of the full size M&P 9. It looks to be about the same size as the Ruger LC9; so pretty small. If I can hold one and it feels good, I might want it. And I know a local shop/range that has one right now. It is the more expensive of the options I have thus far though.

I held the Glock 26. About the same size as the 9c, and also a 9mm. I think I like the trigger; maybe more than the one on the M&P. And I have two S&W pistols already; no Glock. Maybe I should diversify. I know where I can rent and shoot this gun and decide if I do like it more than I assume I will like the M&P 9c. I may have to try and do that tonight; being that it is at the same place that has a 9c I can hold.

I held and liked the Glock 33 also. Same size as the 26 but in a .357 Sig. I don’t have anything in a .357 Sig. Patrick at 9.11 raved about this caliber and this gun. That carries some weight. Then I looked up the price on ammo and I think the decision was kind of made for me to rule this one out. About double the cost of 9mm per round; about $25 for 50 rounds of range ammo. I do think it would be very fun to shoot though.

And of course, I already have and am very happy with the S&W Walther ppk/s.

Or… do I want something closer to a full size (but still a little smaller than my full size M&P 9). Something that I would carry outside the waistband during the cooler months where I would be wearing a hoodie or jacket. I don’t have any ideas for this size with the exception of a little larger version of the Glock 33 I held. But this is still a .357 Sig and I don’t think I will be able to shoot it very much with the cost of ammo.

Luckily I was really hungry and did not want to think about purchasing a gun right then. Maybe I need to put aside my dislike for Sig Sauer and look at what they have? Is there something great out there that I am not looking at? I didn't really like the Diamondback. Kel-Tec is definitely out. Kimbers are too expensive and I don't think I want to carry a 1911. Baretta doesn't seem to have anything that fits the size I’m looking at? FN Herstal? CZ? Now I get to look around for a week or so. And then it’s put up or shut up, right?
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Posted By: Michael
09/17/12 04:39 PM

You can check out the Sig 2022 if we drive up to shoot straight and make tommy meet us there...or convince him to come down here. obviously you know where i stand on CZ you can't go wrong for the money even though they arent as inexpensive as they used to be. I still hate the way glocks point, but if it feels good to you, they are supposed to be great quality guns. the CZ 75 compact 9 is probably in your size range. Its a bit smaller than the M&P you have now.. and a little less bulky. I don't know...i just want you to get something. just because i don't like Glocks for me, doesnt mean i wont shoot it if you get one.
Posted By: Jason
09/18/12 09:30 AM

"Thanks Jason."

You're welcome! Don't act like you didn't have a blast looking at every damn gun in the place.

I agree the price of ammo is a factor and I still really really want a 357 Sig.

Realize that Glock 9's come in a big variety of sizes so you can find one to fit the bill that isnt 357 Sig.

At the end of the day... it sounds like you just need to pick up more guns and shoot more rentals. What a chore. I'm in.