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What Star Wars Teaches About Guns

Fancy optics can't replace good fundamentals, solid training and lots of practice
Sometimes it's best to turn off the targeting computers and just focus on your training and the core fundamentals of shooting. Just because you can put a dozen different attachments on your AR doesn't make you a better shooter.

Caliber doesn't matter
Yoda once said, "size matters not". In the shooting world, the closest thing to Yoda is Colonel Jeff Cooper who famously said, "You are outgunned only if you miss". Despite the endless debates promoting the benefits of one caliber or the shortcomings of another the simple fact is that proper training, awareness, and skill are what make a gun effective - not the caliber of the bullet.

Train for the unexpected
While the odds of losing a hand in a lightsaber battle are remote, there are plenty of other reasons you could end up needing to use just one hand - strong or weak. Knowing how your weapon system responds in each hand and how to manipulate your weapon with one hand could be crucial when your friends are flying away to abandon you on Bespin.

Know your target...
... and what's behind it

Realize that each round you put downrange will travel to, react with, and/or ricochet off of whatever it hits. Make sure you know what that will be when you send that round out of your barrel. And no, I have no idea what the kid who drew this was going for. I'm guessing some kind of cross between the garbage compacter and every other shooting scene in Star Wars.

Two is one, one is none... Four is Awesome!
Realize that equipment can and will fail at the least opportune moment and be prepared with backup equipment or alternate plans. Planning for equipment failure is why he was General Grievous rather than just Captain Grievous.

When someone puts you in fear for your life... act
Whether it's leaving the scene as fast as possible or cofronting the situation head on; if you are in fear for your life make a decision and act on it.

And, should an intergalactic bounty hunter try to bring you back to one of the biggest crime lords in the galaxy? Shoot first. Han did.

Wearing a uniform does not equal expert marksmanhip
Obviously, Star Wars had it all wrong because everyone knows that just by putting on a police or military uniform you can become an expert in all things weapons related. Or not. For some member of the law enforcement and military learning to run their weapons systems is a priority while for many it's seen as just another annual hassle. Regardless, the Battle of Endor may have gone differently if the Empire had spent more time with these:

De-escalation is the best first step
Conflict and confrontation never happen when and where expected. As a concealed carrier your best bet is to de-escalate and get away from any confrontation if possible.

Why? Because any conflict can turn deadly and your best bet is to avoid it.

Be like Han.
There's nothing more to say

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Posted By: Tisiphone
01/07/13 05:10 PM

Well, I have something to show the Geek Gun Club next month!

And for Yoda, "Just because you're small, doesn't mean training, skill, and practice can't give you the upper hand in a fight".
Posted By: Texar
01/11/13 04:42 PM

This was a great way to use one of my all time favorite films for teaching about guns. I will have to remember some of these next time I'm instructing at work!
Posted By: Michael
01/11/13 04:44 PM

General Grievous "4 is awesome" is still my favorite.
Posted By: Jason
06/06/14 03:57 AM