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How I picked my carry weapon

I recently purchased my Steyr S40-A1 while on a trip back home due to the idea that while I can buy an assault rifle or NFA weapon here in Florida, I can't get a handgun because I am a resident of another state - different topic but had to get that out.

The short answer on how picked the Steyr is: It looked cool and I really really liked the sites when we were at the gun show. I just happened to pick one up (it was actually a full sized M40A1), liked the feel, thought the sites were awesome and showed it to Jayson. He got that same "this shit is cool" look on his face and held it long enough to remind me of this clip (at 1:20):

Once I got past the cool to look at, fun to hold, and great sites it was time to be logical and start researching. Being somewhat familiar with Steyr from the AUG assault rifle (see kids, you can learn from video games), I knew that the company was highly respected and made quality weapons.

I spent the next week reading, researching, comparing, and doing all the things we do when we already know the answer we really want to find. The 18 minute long video on YouTube of guys have FTE after FTE? Pfft, they switched to a different mag and had no problems in the last two minutes. See, no problem. I know, you're asking why I didn't remember the previous 17 minutes, right? As I said, I knew the answer I was looking for] and it was that this is the gun I want.

Of course that really was the only bad thing I could find about the Steyr's. Everywhere else there was either glowing reviews or absolutely no information. Sounds good to me. So I called up a store back home, placed the order and waited - and waited. A week can be a long time to take wait for a flight when you're newest toy is waiting for you. Worst of all? My flight landed at close to midnight so I had to wait yet another day.

The next day the store calls at 10:32 to tell me that the gun was delivered. I made it to the store by roughly 10:36 smiling and happy as can be. Luckily, home doesn't have the ridiculous wait periods instituted in South Florida so I walked out with the S40 in all of 7 minutes. I love this country.

It took 3 days of dry firing and handling (fondling) before I could get to the range. I met with a friend and expert shooter Dave and his first comment was, "great choice - Steyr's are amazing guns". After 2 magazines of normal shooting, Dave ran me through tactical drills for the next hour and a half. The S40 went through 200 rounds with no problems whatsoever. One more range trip since then was another 200 rounds downrange with still no issues.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my choice. I'll keep updating along the way and if you have any questions feel free to ask. If you're debating on a carry .40 - grab a Steyr S40-A1 and you'll never look back.

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Posted By: Pfletch83
12/22/12 05:53 PM

I had several reasons for going with the S&W Governor,the main issue being firepower,and for the close ranges that most enounter with a defensive handgun use,a .410 revolver loaded with '000' buck and .45 colt/.45 acp/.45 gap tends to be more than enough for the task.

It also lends more flexablity to a number of situations one might encounter.

It was an easy choice because I've owned and carried single and double actions revolvers most of my life (Use to C.C.W. a service length S&W model 10 and model 64)