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Steyr Customer Service

Last night as I was doing some dry fire drills I noticed that, when putting in a new magazine with snap caps, one of the magazines would chamber a round and release the slide while the other magazine did not. Umm... this could be an issue. I want all of my equipment to work the same each time so it sounded like time to make a call - well, it was almost midnight so time to write an e-mail.

When I was doing my research I had read plenty about how great Steyr's customer service was so I sent an e-mail through the website ( at midnight. I had an e-mail back from Jeff at Steyr at 9a.m. saying to send the faulty magazine in for a replacement. A quick reply to Jeff asking what process or procedure is needed for the exchange got a response in, no kidding, 2 minutes with the address and instructions to put it to Jeff's attention with a note explaining the issue. It really can't be any easier than that.

Just another reason I'm quite content with my choice of the Steyr S40.

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Posted By: Michael
07/26/12 11:53 AM

Customer service from gun companies is such a big factor in choosing a gun. The fact is, you can have a gun that fires perfect until it doesn't. If you can't get the necessary service from the company when you need it, then the gun becomes a paper-weight. We should start a db to track our experiences with different customer services.
Posted By: Jason
07/26/12 12:01 PM

Agreed. When I was looking I saw nothing but glowing compliment after glowing compliment and it definitely made an impact on me.