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Blog Entries
Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2014-04-16 10:27:16
The best part about interviewing Dom Raso is that he goes on long tangents. The worst part about interviewing Dom Raso is that he goes on long tangents.

Understand that Dom goes on tangents because he is knowledgeable and passionate about firearms, training, and service so it's all great information. We talked about everything from Call of Duty players, BUD/S, kids and firearms to caliber debates. And training. Dom talks about training like mall ninja's talk about the newest tactical, tier 1 gear
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Subject: Defensive Gun Use Reports Posted Date: 2014-04-11 18:26:36
The return of the Defensive Gun Use Report! We've been away a long time because of a lot of other projects. The stories were still getting posted but nobody was around to compile them into the report. That's over and we're back to sharing what can be found in the media on DGU's.

A quick refresher on the DGU report ground rules:

We can only cover stories the stories we find
Despite the fact that they happen numerous times each and every day, Defensive Gun Use stories rarely make the medi
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Subject: A girl in a gun world.. Posted Date: 2014-04-03 17:59:51
It's pretty easy for me to sit here and tell guys how to treat women at the range. Half the time it falls on deaf ears because who actually listens to women when it doesn't involve "what you want on your sandwich?" Fortunately for me the incredible Mike Lamb is our in house basic safety, home defense pistol and shotgun instructor.

For those who don't know, Mike Lamb is the <a href="">host of Trigger Time TV</a>, and the founder of <a href="">Stoic Ventu
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2014-04-01 09:40:30
"I think he embodied everything it is to be a police officer, and what the badge stands for," Phoenix police Sergeant Bob Knapp said of Detective John Hobbs. "He upheld that until the day he died."

A devoted husband and father of three young girls, Detective Hobbs served 21 years with the Phoenix Police Department. Assigned to the fugitive apprehension unit, known as the Major Offender Unit, Detective Hobbs was respected and well liked by all in the Department. "John was one of the best we
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Subject: A girl in a gun world.. Posted Date: 2014-03-22 14:39:03
I don't expect everyone that walks through the door at a gun store to be a gun expert. There are plenty of things I don't know and I have yet to learn.

I also have had my fair share of moments sounding silly. One of the best parts of my job is having new shooters come into the range wanting to learn and wanting to explore the great world of firearms. Educating people about firearms and everything that goes along with that is the fun part; it definitely beats filling out more paperwork just to keep Cali
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2014-03-18 22:44:31
When Caracal came out with their F, C, and S model pistols a few years ago I was as giddy as can be. It seemed like the best of the Glock / Steyr lineage from a new company and an innovative sighting system with their Quick Sights.

I fell for it and was anxiously waiting for one to hit the shelves nearby so I could get my hands on it and have my new wonder pistol.

Lucky for me, none of the local gun stores ever got one in. I'd have paid for it - and paid a premium if they were charging o
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2014-03-18 20:57:43
We received a copy of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) response to the Temporary Restraining Order issued by federal magistrate Bernard G. Skomal on the behalf of Ares Armor. There's really only one thing to say about the document and Assistant United States Attorney Daniel Butcher...

<div style="text-align:center">
<img src="">

Wait wait wait... I know what you're
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Subject: A girl in a gun world.. Posted Date: 2014-03-17 06:13:31
Being hit on is nothing new to me or any woman in the world. However guns guys have a very special way about how they go about flirting or hitting on a girl. It's no surprise that seeing a girl (a cute girl) at the gun range is still something of a novelty. Here are some of the gems I have gotten working at a range.

<img src="" style="float:right;margin-left:8px;max-width:160px;">

1) [b]"I bet you are deadly with
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Subject: A girl in a gun world.. Posted Date: 2014-03-16 05:47:21
[Note from Easy Bake Gun Club: We wanted to take a moment to introduce our newest writer, Barbie Quinn. She brings a unique perspective as a female working in the firearms industry and she's an all around awesome person with interesting stories.]

A little background on me: I come from a family of police officers. From patrol officers to corrections officers, military police, detectives, Captains, and Chiefs. I was 12 years old when I learned to shoot. My grandfather and step-dad took
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2014-03-07 22:55:59
You know that moment when the training seems to click and you just get it? I had one of those moments at the range a while back. That was the day that Travis Haley broke my gun.

Bang. Bang. Click. Fuck... oh wait, I know what to do.

Following the directions from Travis Haley's Magpul Dynamics and Make Ready With videos, I bypassed Tap, Rack, Bang and got scientific on this thing. A quick look told me it's out of battery which, according to Travis has a simple answer:

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Subject: Defensive Gun Use Reports Posted Date: 2014-03-07 19:05:12
There's already a large segment of the gun community (consumers, companies, and media) who are promoting that the current crisis with Russia is going to cause a worldwide shortage of 7.62 ammo and causing a run on the ammo.

As MAC over at The Bang Switch <a href="">already pointed out here</a> 7.62x39 is made in quite a few countries worldwide and the companies importing and distributing the ammo already have contingency plans i
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Subject: gun stores Posted Date: 2013-11-23 05:58:30
I had some time to kill today so I decided to check out Public Gun and Pawn in Hollywood, Florida. The store immediately makes an impression on you. You will walk in to find an gentleman kicked back in a chair watching a big screen TV that seems to be the focal point the rest of the store was designed around. From behind the counter another gentleman (Allen I think) asks me "what are you interested in." I told him was looking for a Smith and Wesson 1006 and we laughed together at the same
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Subject: Gear and Reviews Posted Date: 2013-07-30 21:09:51
I sat there quickly running every possible thing I could have done to piss off Dave. Why? Because Dave had just told me to hop into a dune buggy from hell with a guy who looked every bit the private security contractor and his fully auto MP5 to go run off into the desert.

Let me back up and explain first of all that this happened a few months ago and I've been slow to write it up because I've been slammed with new projects.

The story began on a routine trip out to Phoenix where Dave had agreed to som
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Subject: Gear and Reviews Posted Date: 2013-05-24 18:18:28
What's the best thing you can do to improve your shooting? New grips? New sights? The new one-legged flamingo shooting stance you read about as the end all be all technique on the web?

Training, training, and more training. Tactical training, firearms training, movement training... just training. Before you spend money upgrading your gear, put some time and money into upgrading your skill sets.

We met the guys from <a href="">Shoot and Move</a>, with offices in[b] Tallahass
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Subject: Guns Posted Date: 2013-05-09 05:22:25
So today I had the opportunity to get a sneak preview of Nexus, South Florida's newest gun store and shooting range and before I tell shooting enthusiasts what I think, let me tell other gun ranges what I think. You had better start worrying. Nexus is raising the bar so high that unless you are willing to go back to the drawing board completely, the best you can hope for is to pick up the overflow when Nexus is booked solid...and they will be booked solid. As for shooters, I will tell you a
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Subject: Guns Posted Date: 2013-04-30 17:08:37
I want to make one thing clear. I am pro background check. Yes. I am all for a system that ensures that only trustworthy capable people can purchase a firearm. So then why would I vote against it or ask someone to vote against it? Because the people who push hardest for the background checks would prefer that no one had a gun in the first place. This leaves me with a reasonable concern that the background check system I believe in will be abused to keep law abiding citizens from owning guns. Let
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2013-04-25 05:14:25
Alright, so Jayson's been on the fence about a rifle. Let me clairfy - Jayson's been on the fence about a modern rifle. He already has a safe full of older rifles but he's been back and forth about getting something modern.

Jayson made his decision this week and he started looking for a PS-90. Let's all agree early on that it's still a sellers market - albeit not by much. Rifles are hitting the shelves and prices have come down to the real world almost everywhere. This, of course, does not apply to ammo
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2013-04-12 20:14:36
Recently, a friend of ours who we'll call "Jake" had a situation. First, a little background:

Jake owns a restaurant and a bar on the beach. As anyone can tell you South Florida is an unpredictable place to live much less own a bar. Jake has had his share of drunks and scuffles break out but nothing truly serious.

Recently, Jake had a string of break-ins (I think he's lost 10+ televisions in the last 6 months) at the restaurant and realized that his camera's weren't cutting it after one of the
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Subject: Thoughts and Ramblings Posted Date: 2013-04-02 21:32:21
We all know the words to the Second Amendment as ratified in the Bill of Rights, right?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Does your state have a Constitutional right to bear arms? I sure had no idea so I did a little digging. I came across a great paper by Eugene Volokh. It's quite detailed so I'll hit the high points and if you're interested, you can <a href="htt
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Subject: Guns Posted Date: 2013-03-29 08:56:40 welcomes Shoot Straight gun store and shooting range to Ft. Lauderdale. This is an exciting addition to the Ft. Lauderdale / Hollywood area. Without a doubt, our favorite location to shoot is Pembroke Gun Range in Hallandale (I know right?) We enjoy that range, its employees and the regular customers we have befriended over years of shooting there, but Pembroke has always had what we consider to be a major drawback: You can't shoot high powered rifles least no
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