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Posts: General Discussion / Independence Arms - Margate, FL

Michael Post Author Photo: Michael
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Independence Arms - Margate, FL
11/22/13 02:45 AM

I was interested in a piece I saw for sale on  It was being sold by a gun store that I had never heard of.  It was almost in my neighborhood and I wanted to hold the gun so I went in person to check it out.   I ended up not getting the piece.  It was the smith and wesson 745 IDPA 10th anniversary.  It was a really nice gun, but I didn't like the safety.  It is a single action only but the safety locks up, not down making it a horrible gun for carry.  I don't think id carry it often anyway, but i wouldnt want a gun id never carry at all.  

Still, I was happy I went to this place. The guys behind the counter seemed "seasoned"  and were very helpful.  They were happy to oblige me in all the guns I wanted to hold and even made some good suggestions.  

The place is barely bigger than a walk in closet, but they had a bunch of stuff for sale - both new and used - rifles and handguns.  Anyways.   I know we all like checking out guns stores and point out when we find some good ones, so if you are in the boca/coral springs/margate area, check out Independence Arms at 5205 coconut creek parkway. Marate, FL 33063

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