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All I wanted was a haircut... Man tries to shoot up barber shop

A disgruntled 32 year old went to confront his old boss at the barber shop. For some reason his gun didn't work and he ran to the back of the store where employees locked the door. Employees then ran to the front of the store to lock it and the suspect opened fire. At this point he was met with return fire from an armed employee and was hit multiple times. The suspect then ran out into the street and was hit by a car.

Yup, that's a Florida criminal for you. Brings a gun that doesnt work to shoot up the place and doesn't even know his former co-worker is a CCW carrier. It's nice to see that another armed citizen stopped a criminal.

Posts: Carry Talk / All I wanted was a haircut... Man tries to shoot up barber shop

Posted By: NativeTexasSon
01/13/13 03:59 PM

A little off the top please, and can you add some brains?!!?
Posted By: Texar
01/14/13 12:43 PM

They better not try that at my barbershop........Due to the neighborhood he's in, he open carries on the advice of the many policeman that frequent his shop!!!
Posted By: Jason
01/15/13 12:56 AM

When the cops say open carry, it's time to open carry. He should post this sign: