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Darwinism - Russian Roulette Style (South Carolina)

42 year old Mannon Turner owns (owned?) a tattoo parlor in the supposedly swanky Five Points district of Columbia, South Carolina.

He walked into the shop today and asked who wanted to play Russian Roulette. It's unclear if there were any takers. Either way, Mannon emptied all but one round, spun the cylinder, and put the gun to his head.

Now realize there have been a rash of Russian Roulette deaths recently and all of them seemed to come on the first pull. Statistically that's unlikely but I like to think that karma has a way of speeding stupidity along.

Well, like his recent brethren before, Mannon pulled the trigger and lost (or won, not clear on what the definition is here).

Posts: News / Darwinism - Russian Roulette Style (South Carolina)

Posted By: Jayson
11/30/12 12:26 PM

I don't know the answer to whether he won or lost, but I feel like the rest of the world were definitely winners here.