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Badman is a bad man, gets shot (California)

The appropriately named Ernest Badman went to the emergency room on Thursday night. When he got there, the police were already waiting for him. Why?

Well, Ernest lives up to his last name. With multiple arrests and conviction for Grand Theft Auto and Domestic Violence, he is generally not the image of an upstanding, law-abiding citizen.

Around 10:30 Thursday night, Olivehurst, California resident Loren Sniffen came upon Badman in the process of stealing items from his car. Sniffen, believing Badman could be armed, grabbed his shotgun and fired multiple shots at the thief. Badman was wounded and was able to flee the scene and get into a getaway vehicle.

When Badman went for treatment at Rideout Regional Medical Center he found Yuba County sheriff's deputies waiting to take him into custody.

Posts: News / Badman is a bad man, gets shot (California)

Posted By: madashell
12/31/12 09:24 PM

What happened to innocent until proven guilty. How do you know that Badman even did anything wrong. Do you have his side. Of course not, you only posted what you read in the Appeal-democrat. What you dont know is that Ernest Badman was shot three times in the BACKwhile running to save himself, he did not enter the shooters house, he did not put one foot on the shooters property. The shooter heard his dog bark, opened his garage and started shooting at a person running in the street. The shooter chased Mr. Badman down the street shooting, putting three shots into Mr. Badman's back, buttocks, and thigh. Mr Badman attempted to get into his car when the shooter then fired into the windshield, and then a second shot into the back passenger window. Don't tell me that the shooter was in fear for his life, he was the one chasing the supposed burgular, he was the one who had the shotgun. Where is the justice in that. AND the DA is not pressing charges on the shooter for attempted murder or for assualt with a deadly weapon because he (the DA) believes that there is not enough evidence to convict the shooter. What, now the DA is going to read 12 jurors minds and say that they would not convict the shooter of a crime. I can show you plenty of evidence, the pictures of Mr. Badmans body with birdshots and pellets in him, two that are near his spine. I can show you the car that Mr. Badman was trying to get into when the shooter chased and shot into the car. Show me the evidence where Mr. Badman put the fear in the shooters mind where the shooter feared for his life. Mr Badman had no weapon HE WAS RUNNING FOR HIS LIFE.
Posted By: Michael
01/01/13 12:16 PM

This is definitely a problem in the discussion on guns. We have been talking a lot about it at the easy bake meet ups and will ultimately release something soon. In the mean time ill give you my two cents. The law might attempt to deter someone from breaking into a car. That law can fail and people will break into cars anyways. More laws try to deter someone from shooting a criminal in the back as he attempts to get away from the scene of a crime. That law can fail and criminals who break into cars might get shot in the back. Seems to me like Badman had it in his control at the very beginning to not break into a car and thusly not get shot in the back. I am assuming you are badman's mom or something. When he gets out of the hospital and jail accordingly...tell him to stop being a criminal so people stop shooting at him.
Posted By: JBeechel
01/01/13 12:30 PM


So you don't care that police investigated, the DA reviewed it and they all decided that homeowner should not be charged. I get that you're upset Badman was shot. I'm sure the homeowner would rather not have had to shoot a criminal breaking into his car.

You are convinced that the homeowner wasn't in fear for your life. You say that Badman had no weapon. At night, someone is breaking in to your car. Do you assume that the criminal is unarmed? Remember, if you make the wrong assumption you could be shot and killed. Still assume he's unarmed?

Criminals should realize that gunshots are an occupational hazard and should consider that when they start doing what criminals do.
Posted By: Jayson
01/01/13 06:16 PM

" How do you know that Badman even did anything wrong... I can show you the car that Mr. Badman was trying to get into"

Seems you have contradicted yourself somewhat. Was it Badman's car? Or is burglary no longer illegal?