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My First Gun: A Girly Girl's Story

When you look at me, you don't typically think that I am the type of girl that is into firearms. I like faeries and cats and Alice in Wonderland. I wear flowers in my hair and lots of jewelry. I have a very young-at-heart type attitude. I don't like war, but I believe in the right to protect yourself and our second amendment. My other side loves heavy metal, horror movies and zombies. I always liked the macabre; Halloween is my favorite holiday. I guess the reason I have polar opposite interests is due to my astrological sign of Gemini.

I shot my first gun with one of my friends a couple of years ago. I believe it was a 9mm Glock 17, and I feel in love with shooting at the range ever since. I have shot various firearms, since a few of my friends are also into guns and have various types. I have shot a S&W revolver, two types of .22 caliber handguns (don’t know the brands), an AR-15 rifle, a shotgun, a Beretta PX4 Storm, and of course the 9mm Glock 17. I loved going to the range with my friends, but I really wanted a firearm of my own. I went through the process to get my permit and was very serious about learning gun safety. I took a course that teaches the basics, and I would eventually like to take more in the future. I don’t take the safety of firearms lightly, and I want to learn as much as possible to develop my skills of my new-found hobby.

I decided to get the Glock 19C because I was told by many people, friends and also recommendations at the shooting range, that you can "never go wrong with a Glock." I was deciding between the Glock 19 and the Beretta PX Storm, since I also liked shooting the Beretta. I decided to rent it one day at the range, since I wanted to test out a few firearms before I made my first purchase. I also was able to test-fire it again at the safety class I took. When it jammed on me twice, I decided to go with the Glock. I wanted to get the 19 over the 17 due to the larger magazine capacity.

When I went to purchase the regular Glock 19, they did not have any more, but they had one 19C left. The owner of the range and I were discussing, and he also owns a compensated Glock. He told me about it, since I never knew about them, and recommended it due to less recoil. That was something that was very intriguing to me, since I do need to control recoil more. I also love the look of it; it’s a bad-ass looking gun. They had the Gen 4 in stock, but I wanted to go with the Gen 3 because I liked the stippling better on the grip. So on my day of purchase, the Glock19C Gen 3 was the last one in stock; I took it as a sign. I also like that it is a little bit smaller than the 17, since I did not want to get a huge gun. I did not get the chance to break her in yet, but I am looking to go this weekend to the range and finally do so. I never fired a compensated handgun before, so I am very eager to see how it feels.

Concealed carrying is not permitted in NJ unless you are a cop, have been shot, or own an establishment (I think there are more regulations, but I need to research). There are stricter laws in NJ than other states, since I know CT allows concealed carrying. I would be too nervous to do so anyway. I feel like I am too much of a beginner to carry a loaded firearm, and like I said, safety is my priority.

I like going to the range and shooting because I feel it is a big stress release. It is also very fun, but safety is first. Owning and shooting a firearm is a very serious and huge responsibility, and I do not want to take it lightly. I would just like to master shooting and become really good at it. I also purchased the firearm for home protection, but that is my second priority. I do hope to never have to use it for that reason, but it is something that I wanted to consider. However, the main reason I wanted to own my own firearm was that I wanted to be able to go to the range, whenever I wanted, and just go shooting. You never know if you would need to use that firearm for your protection, so I would rather be safe than sorry.

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Posted By: Michael
12/03/12 04:37 AM

Good read. I don't understand why new jersey requires you to get shot before you can protect yourself. thats just weird to me. Also glocks are horrendously ugly guns, but there is no accounting for taste.
Posted By: barstoolguru
12/03/12 12:09 PM

NJ has Bloomberg’s disease and gov Christy is a tumor. It’s easy to deny someone else’s rights when you have a personal army at you side. Only the privileged with money are allowed to carry; in NYC it’s like 1400.00 a year just to get a lic with all the tax and fee’s if you can get one
Posted By: Michael
12/03/12 02:46 PM

I like florida's system to be honest. its not free, but its not so expensive that its impossible to get. the process is more a symbolic statement that you are serious about acquiring the license. I also like the background check system although apparently because the department of agriculture runs ccw licensing, they don't have as much access as they need to things like federal criminal records and mental health histories. I do think that they should have some kind of system in place to lower the cost (about 250 bucks total) for someone who wants to carry but can't justify that cost all at once...even if its just a payment plan over the 7 year span of the license. I do have ideas about leaving florida and new york and new jersey are certainly off the list of possible places to go simply because they want to make it near impossible for me to protect myself.
Posted By: Jason
12/03/12 03:33 PM

We all know I'm biased.

Even though I live in Florida right now, as an Arizona resident I think it's all too much of a process thanks to constitutional carry. Our process involved me doing a 30 minute online course and getting printed - and that was only so I could get reciprocity when I'm in other states.

Then again, I'm really torn because while I believe in a fundamental right to carry I also know far too many people don't take their right seriously and don't put in any additional range time or training after getting their CCW. I heard an interesting proposal that people should have to meet the police qualifications in order to get a CCW permit. I like the standard (and it's not overly hard) I just find myself at odds with the fact that it's also a fundamental right.

How do you legislate to the people who don't take their rights seriously while respecting the many who do?
Posted By: barstoolguru
12/03/12 03:45 PM

Michael wrote "I like florida's system to be honest".

I have to say Florida system scares the heck out of me. They hand out CCW/CHL's like candy at Halloween. You can get a Florida lic when you can't get one in your own state because of background red flags. Keep in mind that FL has almost 1 million permits out there but less than 600,000 live in the state. To me that sounds like a way to make money over safety with the way they screen applicants
Posted By: Jason
12/03/12 05:21 PM

I think you're right and I think the biggest flaw in the Florida system is something you and Mike discussed.

Because Florida put the CCW program under the aegis of the Department of Agriculture, they do not have access to the NICS system or any other federal background search. Ultimately, the Florida background check is just that - a Florida background check. If you've never had a legal issue or had court mandated ongoing psychological treatment in the State of Florida, you will get a permit issued.

The legislature botched it years ago and somehow has not managed to fix what is a noticeable gap in the system for the nation as a whole.
Posted By: Michael
12/03/12 06:18 PM

okay. let me explain a little further. I like what floridas system says it requires. but yes, i think they have lost their grip on the handle.
Posted By: Denise
12/04/12 08:45 AM

Hey now, don't call a pretty girl's gun ugly :p
Posted By: Michael
12/04/12 12:13 PM

Maybe it looks better on you?
Posted By: syntaxxor
12/17/12 10:09 AM

I'm confused by part of the feature. At one point you say "I wanted the 19 over the 17 due to larger mag capacity". I'm not sure you mean, you wanted the 19 because it had less rounds; or you think it has more than the 17. (Since the 17 holds more rounds).

Glad you went through a lot of steps before just running out and buying a gun. Good shooting.
Posted By: GeneralPatton
01/06/13 06:45 PM

Florida's system is lengthy and costly in comparison to Georgia. We go to the probate court, fill out the paperwork, pay $68 (before 2010 is was $17) then stop by the PD Special Services Division for fingerprints. License shows up in the mail about 4 weeks later. I had thought about getting a FL one so I could get reciprocity in SC as the GA CWL isn't recognized in SC. But I ain't paying that huge amount just so I can carry in SC the 8-10 days a year I'm there.

I think all girls should at least try shooting. My wife loves shooting, and has a S&W MP 15-22 and a KelTec P32. Even my 11 year old daughter enjoys range time with daddy. The sooner you teach them, the less mysterious the guns are, and the less likely they are to screw with them without supervision
Posted By: Tisiphone
01/07/13 02:42 PM

Great article, Denise! I think it's good for people who aren't the stereotypical gun owner to be vocal about the reasons they enjoy shooting.

[Want to help me design my sparkly hello kitty collapsible stock? :) ]
Posted By: Michael
01/07/13 03:08 PM

i want pink with rainbow unicorns thanks!
Posted By: Jayson
01/07/13 08:36 PM

Are we putting in orders? I want mine "Shirt Tails"