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Don't mess with a man's marijuana stash (Washington)

As of today, marijuana is legal-ish in Washington. Legal-ish? Well, it's legal to possess yet it's illegal to grow or sell. More importantly, it is still absolutely illegal under federal law. So, how did Washingtonians ring in their new found "freedoms". With a grow house robbery!

That's right, at around 8 this morning Pierce County, Washington 911 operators received a call reporting a break in. While deputies were en route the homeowner called back to report that he had been in a gunfight with the intruders.

When police arrived on the scene they not only found the two intruders wearing dark clothing, backpacks, hoodies, bandana's over their faces and handguns on the ground near their bodies. One other detail caught the deputies eyes... that the entire six car garage where the intruders lay was a grow operation far larger than legally allowed for medicinal marijuana use.

The homeowner was home with his 9-year-old some when the shootout started. The child reportedly saw the shootout occur and both he and his father were unharmed. Both the boy and the homeowner were taken in for questioning to confirm that the shooting was self defense.

The man will be investigated for the grow operation either way.

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Posted By: barstoolguru
12/07/12 03:28 PM