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Barber drops clippers and grabs his gun, stops armed robbery (Ohio)

70-year-old Lee Cullison has worked at Park Hill Fashions for three months. Last Wednesday was definitely the most exciting day so far. That's when a man wearing a red bandanna over his face came in and started demanding money.

"He showed me the gun and I thought, 'Oh, he means business.' And by that time, I guess, I saw Terrance and yelled at Terrance, 'He's trying to rob me and he's got a gun,' and Terrance was on him," Cullison said.

Who is Terrance? Terrance is Terrance Duncan, a 43-year-old barber and boxing coach who works across the street. Terrance was on the phone with his grandmother when he saw the man with the bandanna glaring at Park Hill Fashions. Terrance grabbed his gun and went across the street.

When he got in Terrance pointed his gun at the robber and the two got into an argument. Terrance managed to talk the man outside and then told him, "you might want to take off now" and the kid did.

Lee is calling Terrance a hero while Terrance simply says he was protecting his friend.

I just say Terrance has more faith in people that I do. I would not have let that criminal leave unless it was in an ambulance or handcuffs.

Posts: News / Barber drops clippers and grabs his gun, stops armed robbery (Ohio)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 11:55 AM

Too bad he didn't disarm him; he'll just use that gun somewhere else. Once that guy started arguing with him I would have seen that as a bad sign that something was going to happen
good for him, we need more people like him that are not afrair to stand up