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Six home invaders attack couple - still want a magazine limit? (Tennessee)

I'm going to start out by saying this isn't one of those stories where the good guys win.

A Memphis couple came home to six armed men who held them at gunpoint, beat them, and sexually assaulted them before leaving them duct taped to chairs. The criminals then left the house in the victims car.

Over three hours later the woman was able to break her way free and make her way to a neighbors house. When police arrived they found the husband wandering the neighborhood in a daze with a concussion from being pistol whipped.

Neighbors said this morning that they had no idea what had happened and had heard no noise from the house - just one more reminder that when it comes to defending yourself and your family, you can only count on yourself.

So, to all our gun grabber friends who tell us that a 10 round magazine is all we could need because who really needs 10 shots. Do you think the husband wishes he had been armed and had more than 10 rounds?

Posts: News / Six home invaders attack couple - still want a magazine limit? (Tennessee)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 02:29 PM

I carry a Glock 26 and it has a 10 round mag BUT I carry a extra mag (12 rounds) just in case of malfunctions or run out. Mouse guns are a waste to me but a mouse gun is better than none.

security is done in layers, lighting, a dog or a sign saying there is a dog, keyless locks and or a door bar ( I jam a 2x4 in the back door) so it can't be kicked in day or night and last but not least CAN'T (carry always, never tell)

Posted By: Pfletch83
12/22/12 07:03 PM

My revolver may only hold six but the projectiles go out in groups of four,backing that up is my pumpshotgun (same ammo as the revolver) and my AR-15

Posted By: JBeechel
12/25/12 10:12 PM

The more I've read on these stories and on the way these groups attack I think I'll go rifle first, shotgun as a fallback, and the handgun if we're still going.

I have no interest in a fair fight with criminals.