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November 2012 Defensive Gun Use Report

Yeah! My favorite article of the month - where we delve beyond gun use statistics. This is where we get to remind everyone that for all the gun control advocates bashing, all the sports announcers wasting good football commentary time, and for all the politicians jumping at an opportunity to ban guns - law abiding citizens use guns to defend themselves, their families, and their neighbors each and every day in this great nation of ours.

And what a month it's been with everything from Jordan Davis to the Autozone hero to the Kassandra Perkins murder (I refuse to call that the Belcher tragedy because I won't glorify a man who murders the mother of his child). We'll cover all of those a little more in depth as we get into it but lets start with some basic groundrules. There are some limitations to what we can and can't cover as far as defensive gun use such as:

We can only cover stories the stories we find

While we scour the news wires each and every day (three times a day actually) many defensive gun uses get either a small blurb that is difficult to find or simply are never reported in the media. Why every person shot by a criminal is newsworthy yet every person who defends themselves from a criminal isn't... I'll leave that to you.

And if you hear of a story please come post it on the site. If you aren't feeling like writing it, send it to on Gmail ( or on Twitter (@EasyBakeGunClub), or on the site through PM's. The more stories we get, the better the report can be each month.

We only include clear cut self defense cases
This one causes us to make some judgement calls each month yet we're using this report to show how often this happens. I'd rather not let someone cherry pick one example from the report and try to discredit all of it (not that it would work, except among those with their opinion already made against guns).

How did that affect this month? Short answer is that Michael Dunn's shooting of Jordan Davis is not counted in the numbers while the Minnesota homeowner who "executed" two robbers is. Before you start calling me an idiot, here's why we did it.

In the Jordan Davis shooting, as of today, there just hasn't been any clear cut evidence of self defense. That's not to say that as more evidence comes out we won't revisit the story and change the category. As of now we simply cannot call it clear cut self defense. As for all the hype the story is getting - I would be much more accepting of the media coverage if the same talking heads made as much of a story each time a teenager was killed regardless of race.

In the Minnesota story, 64-year-old homeowner Byron David Smith had a clear cut case of self defense. Teenagers Nick Brady and Haile Kifer illegally entered his home in a burglary attempt (it has since come out that Brady and Kifer had committed other burglaries as well). As the teens came down the stairs, Smith fired on each of them. Up to that point, this was clear cut self defense and that's why it is in the report. That Smith then walked over and, in his words, put a "clean finishing shot" into Kifer means he went far beyond the realm of self defense and what a reasonable person would do.

I would be remiss if I didn't at least take some time to look at this month's plentiful headlines and talk about the story behind the story. Bob Costas and Jason Whitlock took some time to make asses of themselves on national media by implying that inanimate objects cause people to become violent. Using the Kassandra Perkins murder as the backdrop, Costas took halftime at Sunday Night Football to say:

"Handguns do not enhance our safety. They exacerbate our flaws, tempt us to escalate arguments, and bait us into embracing confrontation rather than avoiding it."

Costas then went to say:
“If Jovan Belcher didn’t possess a gun, he and Kasandra Perkins would both be alive today.”

I'm sure that makes sense when you take an isolated case of a man murdering his girlfriend and orphaning his child. Of course, our world isn't isolated. The very idea of using a woman who was killed in a domestic dispute as a call for gun control - disarming the very people who most need protection - offends me. What if these women had been forced to be unarmed?

November 6th (Georgia) In a story with similarities to the Kassandra Perkins murder, R&B singer Kia Yvette Jeffries was being beaten by her professional athlete husband - Cruiserweight boxing champion Ernest "M16" Mateen. Unlike Perkins, Jeffries was armed and was able to shoot and kill her attacker.

November 25th (Florida) 17-year-old Channing Thorpe sees his father strangling his mother and saves her life.

November 1 (South Carolina) An 83-year-old woman using a walker to get around draws her pistol to stop two intruders.

November 8 (New Mexico) A woman is followed home from the gas station and confronted in her home by a knife wielding attacker trying to rape her. The woman manages to get to her handgun in the bedroom and kills the would be rapist.

November 15 (South Carolina) Working behind the counter at a local Shell station uses her handgun to fight back and stop three armed robbers.

November 16 (West Virginia) Shena Walker came home to a man trying to break into her house. The man then tried to run her over with his vehicle.

November 16 (Washington) A woman and her 6-year-old son are walking by a lake when a man charges up to them and flashes them.

November 21 (Oklahoma) Home alone with her 3-year-old son, a woman sees a strange truck and hears a man breaking through the front door.

November 24 (South Carolina) Startled from sleep, a woman tries to stop a domestic dispute and is attacked by her brother.

November 26 (California) Working in her jewelry store a woman is confronted by two armed men. After shooting back, police say she did the wrong thing.

Before I have a coronary, lets go on to another story that just made no sense this month. On November 16 Autozone employee and military veteran Devin McClean and his manager were closing their Virginia store when a man matching the description of the Fake Beard Bandit, wanted for over 30 armed robberies, entered the store with a gun.

As Devin puts it, "I waited for him to go up toward the front, I ran out of the restroom, ran out to my truck where I keep my own personal weapon, grabbed my weapon, came back into the store and confronted the guy... When I yelled 'freeze' and I said 'Stop, drop the weapon,' he threw his hands up with his gun still in his hand he started running... I felt like it was my responsibility to step in". Devin's manager thanked him for saving his life.

Two days later Devin was fired by the corporate office for violating Autozone's policies about weapons on company property. For all of the reports about the dangers of guns, I never see one about the dangers of criminals. I mean, concealed carriers never stop a crime, right? Nah, never...

November 5 (Florida) Out collecting rent, concealed carrier is attacked and pistol whipped. Ends worse for robbers.

November 8 (Michigan) Eating at a restaurant with family, concealed carrier stops armed robbery.

November 9 (Oklahoma) Concealed carrier goes back to hotel room with a woman only to find it was a trap to rob him. Ends worse for robbers.

November 12 (South Carolina) Carjackers attack concealed carrier in his truck. Ends worse for carjackers.

November 14 (Ohio) Shopping in Wal-Mart, concealed carrier is punched in the face. Attacker held at gunpoint until authorities arrive.

November 16 (Tennessee) Robber stabs concealed carrier. Ends worse for robber.

November 16 (Florida) Knife to a gunfight - ATM edition. Knife wielding men attack concealed carrier at the ATM. Ends worse for attackers.

November 17 (Pennsylvania) Armed robbers find out store clerk is a concealed carrier. Ends worse for robbers.

November 20 (Texas) Armed robbers meet determined concealed carrier. 1 robber wounded, 1 robber killed, 1 robber hit by car. Yeah... ended worse for robbers.

November 21 (Kansas) Concealed carrier stops armed robbery while shopping at Family Dollar.

November 23 (Texas) Shopping with his children, concealed carrier is punched in the face. Defensive display makes attacker hide behind a refrigerator.

November 27 (Michigan) Criminals try to steal car while concealed carriers work on it. Ends worse for criminals.

November 28 (Florida) Senior citizen sees fruit stand being robbed, pulls his concealed firearm. You guessed it... ends worse for robbers.

What we can't stress enough is that these are only the stories we are able to find in the news. If you hear of stories local to you or anywhere, send them to us so that we can continue to expand the database. Over the next few weeks and months this will become a searchable database, and for now you can just log in and search by state name to get all of the cases in your (or any) state.

Let's cover the total number for the month so that we're really thorough (and we can highlight a few more stories we really like):

Let's cover the total number for the month so that we're really thorough (and we can highlight a few more stories we really like):
Defensive Gun Uses: 87
States with at least 1 DGU: 27
Oldest age of defensive gun user: 83 years old
Oldest age of weapon and ammo in a DGU: 57 (more on that below)
Youngest age of defensive gun user: 17 years old
Number of senior citizens involved in a DGU: 11

Favorite stories of the month:
For me? It's the story of Dave. Dave is an 81 year old Detroit homeowner who woke to find an intruder in his house. Dave grabbed his .22 revolver and opened fire on the man.

Your average DGU story, right? Except that Dave bought that gun 57 years ago, put the .22 ammunition in it and never fired the gun. That's right, it was a 57 year old gun and 57 year old ammunition fired by an 81 year old man.

Something about that just seems so right.

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Posts: Blogs / November 2012 Defensive Gun Use Report

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 05:47 PM

"On November 16 AutoZone employee and military veteran Devin McClean "... FIRED

Yes he was fired but like this forum they had rules and he violated them. Does it sit well with us; hell no but we are not the employer nor do we have to shell out the cash from a willful tort that the insurance co won't pay. this will never sit well with gun owners but when you sighed his employee hand book he committed to the rules of the job and that is get robbed give up the money IT'S insured.

What he should have done was if he felt the need to be confronting the robber outside the co property and then the co has no involvement. Did he save anyone's life... no. this guy’s M.O. is to get money and leave. I am all for defending myself but he left AND then came back and that could have complicated the situation and caused a death when there wasn't one and I think that is why the CO did what they did.
Bottom line cops wouldn’t have rushed in with a gun drawn, they would have took a more tactical advantage and waited outside

What are Virginia laws about engaging an armed robber AFTER you clear and safe?
Posted By: Michael
12/10/12 06:10 PM

Great report, Jason. Love the map. Texas might be a little overstated, but whats new?
Posted By: barstoolguru
12/10/12 06:15 PM

"Texas might be a little overstated, but whats new?"

is there such a thing
Posted By: Michael
12/10/12 08:27 PM

If at first you dont secede...
Posted By: woodenduck
12/16/12 03:17 PM

There are far too many cases of robbers shooting their victims after getting all they asked for. I will shoot when able should I be robbed.
Posted By: Chickenfarmer
12/17/12 09:01 PM

I think this gives new meaning to the expression "Don't mess with Texas"
Posted By: Michael
12/17/12 09:35 PM

the question is, does texas have more of the problem or more of the solution?
Posted By: Jason
12/17/12 11:46 PM

Problems seem solved to me...