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Samaritan intervenes in domestic dispute, gets attacked (Utah)

Just after 1a.m. Saturday, a West Jordan, Utah man was out walking his dog when he heard a man and a woman in a very heated argument. The man walking his dog then asked the woman if she needed any assistance.

The man in the argument then attacked. According to Officer J.C. Holt,"It was apparent that there was quite a physical altercation between these two". The Good Samaritan was armed with a handgun, drew the gun, and discharged it.

The round struck his attacker in the hip, just missing the femoral artery. The Good Samaritan was taken to the hospital and treated for a severe cut above one of his eyes. The attacker was treated and is still in critical condition.

Officer Holt's thought's on the whole incident, "Sometimes if you intervene in a situation, you can't predict the outcome and sometimes it can be dangerous or even fatal".

Posts: News / Samaritan intervenes in domestic dispute, gets attacked (Utah)

Posted By: Sleww
12/17/12 04:15 PM

So this guy is being celebrated for injecting himself into a situation that he had no business getting into, losing a fist fight, then shooting the guy that he lost too. Would this guy have been willing to get involved if he had no gun. This is the problem, some people think having a gun makes them 7 feet tall, then you get people thinking that they are law enforcement, which they are not. This guy needs to be put through the justice system and mind his own business.
Posted By: Jason
12/17/12 11:59 PM

Agreed. He should have let the man keep screaming at that woman and threatening her. Maybe even hit her. I mean, she's a woman and she deserves it, right Sleww? Do you realize that's what you're saying?

If a man and woman are having a horrific argument to the point someone feels they should ask the woman if she is okay - it's probably time that someone did.
Posted By: Jayson
12/18/12 12:22 AM

Sleww is right. I mean, why should we care about anyone other than ourselves right?. Doesn't matter if it was two men arguing, he should have put his head down and pretended that all was well in his little world that he shares with no one else. Even if he were to find out later that the woman was assaulted; it wasn't his wife/sister/mother right?