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4 home invaders attack, only 3 leave (Georgia)

Around 4:30 Saturday afternoon a group of four men tried their hand at home invasion. Down in the South home invasion is more like an interactive game of Russian Roulette - it may work but you also might not walk away.

Well, the four would be home invaders ran into a determined homeowner who was armed. "The preliminary investigation indicates that this was an attempted home invasion," police spokesman Officer John Chafee said. "It appears that approximately two to four perpetrators entered the home and became engaged in a confrontation with the occupants of the home. Shots were fired and one of the perpetrators was struck."

The man was struck in both the arm and head. His accomplices? They left him to die as they fled the scene. Authorities arrived and transported the man to Atlanta Medical Center where he remains in critical condition.

Lot's of talk about gun control, not much talk about criminal control these days... I guess it doesn't fit the narrative.

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Posts: News / 4 home invaders attack, only 3 leave (Georgia)

Posted By: MyGunDiary
12/21/12 12:21 AM

The world is not a safe place. It has the illusion of safety. I, for one, cherish the right to defend myself, if necessary.

Posted By: Jayson
12/21/12 03:59 PM

Posted By: JBeechel
12/25/12 10:11 PM


That's a fascinating comment Your words are something we can all aspire to.