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Homeowner engages multiple home invaders; 1 dead, 3 wounded (California)

A Sacramento, California family was having your typical sleepover with some friends of their children.

That was all interrupted around 3 o'clock this morning as the homeowner was in a literal fight for his and his family's lives as multiple armed men attempted a home invasion robbery. The homeowner grabbed his own firearm and engaged the sorry pieces of shit intruders.

When police arrived they found one intruder dead and two other intruders wounded. The wounded men, including 21 year old Thomas Ordonez, were taken into custody and transported to the hospital for treatment. The intruders will be charged with assault with a deadly weapon and accessory after the fact.

The homeowner was also wounded in the gunfight to protect his family. He was taken to the hospital, treated and released.

Frantic parents arrived as police were on scene to pick up their children who had been spending the night.

How's that 10 round magazine limit looking now?


Posts: News / Homeowner engages multiple home invaders; 1 dead, 3 wounded (California)

Posted By: barstoolguru
12/23/12 02:12 PM

these guys for the most part just don't pic a home out and say lets rob them. they know something about the home or people in it that makes it a better target then others; I wonder what that is?